Introduction To Small Steps

“We believe that every child is special and has the ability to transform himself into a well-rounded individual”

At Small Steps, we are brightening the lives of thousands of special students and their special education needs since 2016 through our Inclusion Centre Dubai, UAE. We have been deeply engaged in achieving short-term objectives and developing the long-term growth of our best-in-class inclusion center that empowers students with autism and related challenges. Our mission as an Inclusion center , professionals for ABA Therapy Dubai, UAE , Occupational Therapy, VB MAPP and administrators is clear: to maximize the learning potential of every student in a welcoming, transparent, and professional environment.

Our students are well-positioned for maximum inclusion in classroom activities and lessons, school outings, and school events. Our program is characterized by scrupulous collection and analysis of data, tailored individual education plans (IEP’s), commitment to the highest educational, professional, and ethical standards and most of all: our devotion to and respect for our students and their families.

Why Small Steps


Small Steps adheres to the professional and ethical compliance code for behaviour analysts. We seek to always operate in a truthful and transparent manner that serves the best interests of the families we serve

Quality focus

Small Steps is built on a commitment to excellence. We hold ourselves to the highest professional standards of evaluation, improvement, and innovation

Social Impact

Social Impact: Small Steps recognises the unconditional value of all persons and we aim to make our society more acceptable and least challenging for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We believe that everyone deserves dignity, respect, and sensitivity.


Smalls Steps maintains a culture of collaboration (both internally and externally). Our strength as a community grows when we work together, support one another’s development, and accommodate our individual goals and aspirations in a collective setting

Family Centric

We believe in building programmes that enhance the quality of life of our students and their families, whom we always put first

Secure Environment

Secure environment is the key ingredient to maximum learning. Children become more confident and meets their potential.


Our client says
Fantastic institution. Our son made a great progress there! Highly recommended``
Mr T Schweizer
Mr T Schweizer
We will truly miss Small Steps as will Finlay I am sure. It is amazing to see how far he has progressed since he joined and we are so appreciative of all the hard work you and your colleagues have done. I hope that Small Steps goes from strength to strength. In our opinion you provide an invaluable service - we'd literally have been quite lost without it.
Kindest Regards
Kindest Regards
I am very blessed to have found the Small Steps Learning Difficulties Centre and Team.The programs offered are extremely well structured and comprehensive the immediately saw improvement in our son's behaviour within the first few days of therapy.
Mr H Laz
Mr H Laz
I want to thank the team at Small Steps and GEMS Founders School for providing an amazing environment for our child.He learnt and flourished here more in a year than he did ever before. The positive changes in his behaviour and personality are so immense that teachers from earlier years feel he is a different child
Adnan Khan
Adnan Khan
The process of enrollment and the support we had from Small Steps management was outstanding which made our move and Luqman's transition from the UK to Dubai very smooth.Luqman loves Small Steps and GFS and enjoys every single day at school.
Khalid Hanish
Khalid Hanish

Our new branch


Principal message

“At GEMS Founders School we truly believe in inclusive education and feel it is our moral imperative to support all children. With this in mind we have engaged with Small Steps Learning Difficulties Centre so that we have the ability to support children who would find it too challenging to be fully integrated into a Mainstream school, at least initially. I was touched by the story of how Small Steps came to life and convinced that every member of their highly trained team shared the same belief as us which is that all children have the right to enjoy being in school.

Small Steps are fully integrated into our school and all of the children are enrolled at GEMS Founders School. Most importantly the Small Steps team and the school team will work hand in hand to share best practice and ensure that the children have the best experience of school possible. We are thrilled that Small Steps will be an integral part of GEMS Founders School from September 2017 onwards. ”


Matthew Burfield
Principal, GEMS Founders School – Al Barshai

“GEMS Founders school Al Mizhar is committed to the inclusion of all students including those with special educational needs or disabilities. Our vision embraces a culture of life-long learning in which all members of our community matter and where both endeavour and achievement are celebrated.
I am proud to be working with the Small Steps centre from September 2020. Our partnerships will be forged through an intense commitment to provide the best
possible instruction for learners to reach their full potential.
Our collaboration with our Small Steps team we will ensure everyone at GFM can learn, regardless of diagnosis or needs. We know everyone has something to work on, whether sharing or shyness, patience or paying attention. Learning to accept and enjoy friends with differences prepares young learners to succeed at GFM and in our society. ”


Mr. Akram Tarik
Principal, GEMS Founders School – Al Mizhar

GEMS Metropole houses a Small Steps Inclusion Centre for provision of specialist ABA programmes for young children with Autism and related developmental disorders. The unit has expertise in Autism Spectrum Disorder; Asperger’s Syndrome; Behavioural Disorder; ADD/ ADHD; Developmental Delays; and Speech & Language Delays and provides a combination of educational approaches to help children including Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), Speech and Language Therapy (SALT) and Occupational Therapies (OT). For the children under its care, provision is outstanding and the centre stands as a stand-out, hugely impressive, feature of the school.