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“Never leaving behind” is one of the basic phrases that every psychologist focuses on. The effects of ABA Therapy are lasting, so most parents choose this therapy to treat their children with behavioural problems. If a child has autism spectrum disorder or ADHD and post-traumatic stress disorder, all of these disorders can be somewhat treated with ABA therapy. On the other hand, OCD, ODD, panic disorder, substance use disorders, and borderline personality disorders are also a perfect fit for ABA therapy.

Nevertheless, one should never forget that these disorders may be somewhat treated with different therapies, but there is no permanent cure for such disorders. The ABA therapy mainly focuses on behavioural problems within the children and tries to make a child behave normally.

Things you Need to Know About Aba Therapy in Dubai.

In Dubai, many clinics and centres are allotted for providing applied behaviour analysis therapy to children and adults so that these people may focus on improving their communication, motor skills, and independence. ABA therapy costs in Dubai can vary from centre to centre. At the same time, certain sessions of ABA therapy can cost around 350 AED to 1200 AED per session.

The cost defines the experience of the customers and the clients. Such as, Small Steps give the perfect environment to deal with autistic patients and other clients suffering from different disorders. For instance, Small Steps follow all the rules given by APA to design the environment for patients to feel comfortable while receiving their therapies.

Benefits of Aba Therapy 

ABA therapy reinforces desired behaviours while it discourages the unwanted behaviour in a client. Children are encouraged to develop communication, language, and other skills during the sessions of ABA therapy. Some of the benefits of ABA sessions are:

  • ABA therapy helps develop behavioural skills such as increasing IQ while discouraging unwanted behaviours.
  •  ABA can be used to teach complex and simple skills such as brushing teeth or sharing toys with friends.
  • These therapies also give different strategies for the parents to teach their children at home. ABA therapy provides help to children with autistic disorders.
  •  It is hard to teach autistic kids, whereas ABA therapies make it possible to teach these children.

How is ABA Therapy Applied?

ABA therapy is not an easy therapy to apply. That is why it can give great benefits to those who are applying it. For instance, the ABA therapy salary in Dubai starts from an average of 5000 AED Up to 10,000 AED. The average salary for applying ABA therapy can be from 120000 AED to 160000 AED. 

The ABA therapy is applied by assessing the children’s skills and the difficulties they are facing. After that, certain goals and objectives are set according to the needs of a child; these skills are targeted and applied with certain programs and techniques to help a child learn these skills. As the last major, the program is evaluated, and the changes are made according to the new requirements of a child.

ABA Therapy is an Empathy-Based Approach

ABA therapy is the most empathy-based approach that different psychologists use to treat autistic children and many other disorders. ABA is the most flexible, educational, and developmental approach, focusing on a child’s needs and goals. ABA approach and techniques have proven to treat children or individuals with an autism spectrum disorder.

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