ABA Therapy | Things you Need to Know about ABA Sessions

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder face a lot of difficulties in daily life activities and being their parent, you are always trying to make things easier for them and understand them better. For these very reasons, therapists design the sessions of Applied Behavioral Analysis. You might be familiar with the term but there are other different aspects of ABA as well that you need to be familiar with. 

ABA is known to be the best-practiced treatment and it is known to improve your child’s self-care and life skills in a variety of ways. ABA is also beneficial for the trainers as the ABA therapy salary is also well enough. Following are some important aspects to learn more about ABA Therapy. 


The Effectiveness of ABA | Customized Plans

The intervention of ABA has been studied thoroughly with extensive and credible scientific research. It is known to be one of the leading methods of treatment for children with autism. ABA provides you with a variety of ways through which you can support and improve your child’s communication and social skills and also help them in improving their quality of life. 

The sessions are individualized. You cannot make a general assumption about what happens in ABA sessions. Every child is different, each has their preferences, needs, strengths, and unique traits. Hence, no two children will have the same ABA session. In short, the designed treatment plans are different for every child. 


Each Session is Different

 Furthermore, there are some variations from session to session. Every session focuses on something different. For instance, one day your child will be spending some time in a one-on-one setting, the other day you will find them in social settings where they will be improving their social skills. 

The sessions are quite flexible and are more inclusive towards natural experiences and settings as well as less extensive training. In the treatment plan, you will also find a variety of activities and learning approaches that best meet your child’s needs. In regards to your budget, ABA therapy cost is also flexible and affordable. 


Types of Approaches in ABA Intervention

Amongst various types of training sessions used in ABA, the two very common ones are:

Discrete Trial Training – DTT mainly revolves around formal sessions, where each interaction is an opportunity to teach a skill having a discrete beginning and end. These one-on-one sessions with therapists have an intensive manner and specific learning goals. The use of positive reinforcement is quite common here. Your child receives reinforcement after every trial and hence earns a skill more efficiently

Natural Environment Training – NET utilizes your child’s everyday experiences to help them in learning new things. Your therapist will devise a strategic plan and arrange the activities accordingly. You may find your child playing with toys or just having lunch in these sessions but specific goals are being worked on within these activities. Net helps your child in generalizing the skills so they can use them outside therapy. 


By pairing different activities in different sessions, ABA gradually improves the living quality of your child and strength their social skills. 

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