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Autism In Dubai is unique and helpful in the treatment of ASD. There is no proper treatment or cure for ASD, but different therapies are used to control its symptoms. According to the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorder DSM 5, a complete guide about the symptoms and the treatment of ASD is given. 

 This article will discuss how we can diagnose and treat AST simultaneously; different signs and causes of ASD will also be mentioned. 

What are the Signs and Symptoms? 

According to this statistical and diagnostic manual, there are two main symptoms of ASD. Most commonly, people with ASD have difficulty in social communication interaction and have restricted interests with repetitive behaviors. Below, we will discuss the signs and symptoms of autism spectrum disorder. 

    •  As the first symptom shows deficit behavior in social communication and interaction behaviors. This may include little or inconsistent Eye contact. Furthermore, they will show infrequently share emotions or enjoyment of objects or activities. Sometimes they may have difficulty with the back and forth of conversation. Additionally, they will display none of the facial expressions or movements. 
    •  Secondly, they have restricted and repetitive behaviors. This means they have unusual behavior patterns, such as repeating words or phrases. This is called echolalia. 
  • Dubai autism center location is readily available on Google Maps. The other symptoms include deficits in social, educational, and different functional areas of life. 

What Causes ASD? 

 According to researchers, the primary cause of ASD is still unknown. But it is suggested by the studies that a person’s jeans can act together with the aspects of the environment to cause autism spectrum disorder. Some of the causes of developing ASD include. 

  •  If a person has a sibling with ASD. 
  •  Having older parents that have a history of autism spectrum disorder. Following nine certain genetic conditions can also cause ASD, such as Down syndrome or fragile X syndrome. 
  • Lastly, having a lightweight  During birth. 

Diagnosis of ASD 

 The diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder is made in certain stages. Dubai Autism Center Fees are standard as the diagnosis does not take long.   

  •  Add the first stage; general developmental screening is done during a child’s regular checkup. This screening test for four devil mental delays is done at nine months, 18 months, and 24 months. This will define if a child has autism spectrum disorder or not. 
  • At the second stage, an additional diagnostic evaluation is done. These children have unique strengths and challenges. The caregivers determined the educational programs and behavioral therapies for the children. 
  • Different Dubai autism center location is available for the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. Through various blood tests and hearing tests, we can also confirm autism spectrum disorder. 

Treatment and Therapies 

 The treatment for autism spectrum disorder should begin as soon as it is diagnosed. Proper care and services are provided for children with autism.  

  • Different medical treatments and prescriptions are given to children with specific symptoms. For example, medication is specially provided to ASD children with problems with irritability, aggression, and repetitive behaviors. 
  • Other types of treatments include therapies and interventions. This will consist of school and community. 

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