Autism Support UAE | Empowering People to Deal with Autism

In the UAE, there are still many misconceptions about autism. There is a high stigma attached to the condition, and people with the disorder may get stares in public, especially if they exhibit specific symptoms such as raging and meltdowns. Even though the prevalence of autism is decreasing globally, the stigma remains in some places. Autism Support UAE is to handle these scenarios in the best possible way. We at Small Steps provide the essential and imperative awareness to the people in the UAE.


How to Define Autism?

Autism is a neurodevelopmental condition that develops in infancy and affects a child’s social skills, communication clarity, interpersonal relationships, and other aspects of their personality and development. This disorder is referred to as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in most cases described. 


Common Cause of the Autism

CNS, or central nervous system, dysfunction is a common cause of trembling and other symptoms. Communication difficulties, longer reaction times, and the inability to do physical functions adequately are the most common issues that autistic persons have. It is the mission of Small Steps to help autistic children reach their full potential in life. Consequently, we provide considerable training and support to the children’s families.


Autism Diagnoses 

Early detection and intervention may significantly impact the lives of children with ASD.

It is crucial for family members, particularly parents, to recognize the possible signs of autism. Although there are specific medical diagnostic mechanisms and a systematic approach to autism, early reporting may assist the family in dealing with the condition more effectively.


Connecting and Educating the People and Families 

Autism Support in Dubai organizes events and hosts a monthly workshop. The organization has a website that provides information on autism and helps parents connect with other families. It also holds educational events and holds support groups. The meetings are free and open to the public.

Autism Support UAE aims to make it easier for families to get the support they need. The organization also provides education for professionals and parents living with autism. Its mission is to empower parents and professionals to deal with the challenges faced by people with autism. Its goal is better to understand autism and the various types of treatment available. 

Autism Support UAE has the right resources to assist people with this condition and provides the most critical systematic approach in helping autistic children. The support provided by the organization will ensure that they have the correct information and the proper resources to live a happy and healthy life.

Currently, Autism Support UAE has grown to include services for both children and adults living with autism. The organization aims to provide resources and information to families and professionals living with autism with a wide range of services. The support provided by Small Steps is essential for autistic individuals, as well as for their families. 

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