Autism Therapy Dubai – Effective Autism Treatment Options

Every child has different strengths and capabilities; an autistic child is no other in this regard. And today, several therapies are designed to help children with autism improve their lifestyle and help them excel in life. According to a recommendation from the American Academy of Pediatrics, it’s best to research different types of therapies as early as you can after your child’s diagnosis. You can reach out to Autism Therapy Dubai centers and consult the experts about which treatment will best suit your child.

To have a surface knowledge of it all, let’s briefly overview a few significant types of autism treatments.


Applied Behavior Analysis – ABA Therapy 

ABA is considered the primary and the most widely used form of autism therapy. The main concern of ABA is to boost positive behaviors in a child through positive reinforcement and reduce harmful behaviors. Autism treatment UAE highlights its proven success rate and effectiveness in improving communication skills, socialization, and adaptive behaviors.

Another essential factor about ABA is its flexibility. The treatment plan is tailored according to each child’s needs, strengths, and types of behavior that should be reinforced. The therapist will also involve the family and teach them skills to solidify the treatment.


Occupational Therapy – OT

Occupational therapy aims to help autistic children handle daily life activities by refining their cognitive, social, motor, and physical skills. The end goal is to enhance their independence and self-reliance.

An occupational therapist, along with other professionals, parents, and teachers, sets specific treatment goals after having a close look at the following:

  • Response to different stimuli.
  • Attention span.
  • Motor skills like balance, posture, and manipulation of small things.
  • Interaction with people of their age and teachers.
  • Aggression and other negative behaviors.
  • Transition to new things and activities.

With Autism Treatment Dubai, your child will have a structured and individualized plan. There will be physical activities to improve coordination. There will also be play activities for socialization and other developmental activities to enhance their lifestyle.


Cognitive Behavior Therapy – CBT

Another evidence-based method, as per Autism treatment UAEhas been designed to build an autistic child’s understanding of how thoughts can influence behavior. A CBT therapist helps your child regulate, reevaluate, and recognize anxious emotions. CBT helps them learn how to cope with difficult social situations and strategies to increase positive behaviors. The child becomes more self-aware with time. They learn patterns behind negative emotions and thoughts, the trigger points, and how to cope with them. But remember that CBT is not for everyone with autism, and it’s best to consult your therapist first.


Speech Therapy

You might already know that language delays and communication problems are common autism symptoms. Speech therapy focuses on verbal and non-verbal communication skills and can be helpful for anyone on the autism spectrum. The main concerns of ST include building vocabulary, speech rhythm and sounds, nonverbal communication, and much more. It also helps a child understand emotions better.


Sum Up

Autism treatment Dubai center tailors individualized treatment plans for each type of therapy. For complete success, parental involvement is significant.

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