Autism Therapy in Dubai: Diagnosis And Treatment of ASD

The autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurological condition that affects communication and social interaction. Autism causes some children to avoid eye contact, misunderstand facial expressions, have difficulty forming friendships, and have trouble playing interactive games. 

Symptoms of Autism

Symptoms of autism are often difficult to detect until a child reaches the age of three. Parents may notice social interactions, responsiveness to stimulation, and communication problems. Some children have other symptoms, such as stomach issues, but the behavior may be unrelated.

Besides behavioral symptoms, a child with autism may be prone to stomach and skin problems, and a doctor may suggest tests to diagnose the condition early. 

Autism Therapy in Dubai includes medication that is a great way to help a child with autism understand himself and his environment despite the potential side effects.



It is crucial to seek a specialized evaluation for a child with autism. In Autism Therapy in Dubai, a specialist will examine the child’s growth, speech, and behavior and assess whether these symptoms are related to an intellectual disability. Other factors to consider, such a child’s age and gender. A doctor with autism will evaluate the child’s behaviors and discuss other symptoms to help them diagnose.

The diagnosis of autism is based on several factors. The child’s developmental history, behavioral patterns, and genetic makeup are vital factors considered. When a child has been diagnosed with autism, the physician may refer the child to a specialist to further evaluate the child’s condition. 

There are many options for this evaluation, but it is essential to know the symptoms of autism before pursuing any type of treatment. Small Steps provide the autism center in the Dubai health care city.


Effective Treatments and Therapies 

Fortunately, there are effective treatments and therapies for children with autism.

Early diagnosis is essential to a child’s success in school. Early intervention is key to a child’s future. However, if a child is diagnosed early, the condition will be easier to treat. The sooner treatment begins, the more likely a child will develop independence and become self-reliant. Autism Therapy in Dubai deals with these issues with different techniques.

We at the Small Steps have Aba therapy helps a child learn skills using repeated reinforcements. Applied behavior analysis is another type of therapy. It focuses on using positive reinforcements to help a child develop the skills needed to function well. The average aba therapy cost in Dubai is about Dh20000.  Dubai autism center fees are different for different age groups. At Small Steps autism center fees are economical and included in the Top autism center in Dubai.

We at Small Steps provide the best possible services in Autism Therapy in Dubai, from the diagnosis to the treatment of autism. As we know that early intervention is crucial, we provide the most qualified therapist at our autism clinic. While there are no approved drugs for autism, many effective treatments for the condition are available. Psychological, behavioral, and skills-training interventions are famous for a child with autism. If you are looking for an autism school in Dubai, you can rely on us.

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