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Diagnosing Epilepsy in Autistic Children of Determination

A number of studies conducted in the past have found links between epilepsy and autism among the children of determination. Medical researchers are of the view that certain brain abnormalities linked with autism lead to seizures. So, in other words, there is a correlation between autism and seizures- however, which condition leads to the other […]

Autism Therapy: Treating Sensory Issues in Autistic Children

Autistic children often go through a difficult time when processing information received. They tend to resist anything that stimulates their senses such as light, smell, taste, sound, or touch. Autism therapy can be used to deal with the sensory issues of autistic children. Some of the most common symptoms indicating sensory processing issues may include: […]

How to Treat Speech Delays in Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Role of Speech Therapy in the Treatment of Autism Speech delays are observed when a child does not build up language skills and can be perceived at an early age of 18 months. People with autism find it difficult to interact socially because of verbal and nonverbal communication problems. Therefore speech therapy is used, which tries […]

How to Resolve Anxiety Issues in Children of Determination

As per the study of Van Steensel et al. 2011, anxiety is found to affect at least 40% of autistic individuals. Moreover, it is a prevalent problem, which parents are most concerned about. Autistic individuals tend to show signs of anxiety through nervousness or repetitive behaviors; however, there could be other reasons leading to them […]

Brain Scans – Guidance By Way of Autism Support for Children

Brain scans are conducted to predict how the autistic individual reacts to a certain situation or a therapy provided. Its major goal is to help the families of autistic children decide between the therapies that are available for their child, guiding them regarding which therapy will suit him or her the best. A research on […]

Verbal Behavior Therapy as an Autism Treatment in the UAE

Verbal Behavior (VB) Therapy is a behavior therapy that focuses on the language and communication of autistic children. This therapy is based on behaviorist B.F Skinner’s theories, and on the principles of the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) practice. It paves the way for an autistic child to connect words and form phrases, which encourages children […]

Bilingualism as an Autism Therapy for children with ASD

One in a hundred children are affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) which is considered to be one of many neurodevelopment disorders. Autistic children have difficulty in interacting socially and understanding the emotions or intentions of the other person, which is known to be called as theory of mind. Autism therapy is used by caretakers […]

Diagnosis of Autism: The Impact of ASD on Self-Recognition

Children, who have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), go through the impairment of self awareness which acts as a barrier in their development and social interaction with others. Communication between an autistic child and another person is influenced by the concept of ‘self’. The diagnosis of autism helps to determine whether the child exhibits self-recognition impairment […]

Influence of Nature and Nurture in the Diagnosis of Autism

There are numerous factors that lead to the diagnosis of autism. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) involves difficulty in normative functioning when it comes to social skills and communication. It occurs gradually with numerous symptoms occuring, like learning difficulties, cognitive deficits and sometimes physical limitations. Autism is either caused by nature or nurture; or a combination […]

Children of Determination – Early Start Denver Model Therapy

Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) is a form of behavior therapy for autistic children who fall within the age bracket of 12-48 months. This model is particularly based on the methods of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). In this model, therapists and parents try to build a positive and fun relationship with the child, through playing […]