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Children of Determination in Dubai: Depression and Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex neurodevelopmental condition, and little is known about its neurobiology. Specialists and medical professionals have focused their research on the social, communicative and cognitive difficulties associated with the condition. Small Steps Big Dreams in Dubai, UAE, has made it its aim to ensure that everyone affected by autism, directly […]

Autism Diagnoses: Rare Mutations and Autistic Impairments

For now, we know that Autism Spectrum Disorder is a condition related to brain development. An important public health concern, this disability is known to cause issues in social interactions, affect communication and raise the difficulty for basic learning skills. We at Small Steps Big Dreams in Dubai, UAE has gone through extensive research and […]

DNA Tag: ‘Methylation State’ Amenable to Autism Treatment

The aetiology of Autism Spectrum Disorder is complex. There are a hundred genetic variants and numerous environmental factors that might be considered a trigger agent. Statistics provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggest that this neurodevelopmental disorder also has a male to female prevalence of 4.3:1. Specialists and other medical professionals […]

Early Intervention: Shaping an Autistic Child’s Experiences

In recent years, the chances of an autistic child being born have risen dramatically. The effort made by specialists, families affected by ASD and healthcare workers have garnered the attention this neurological disorder demands. For children, these early years are a period of substantial brain development with the critical ability for learning and growth. It […]

Diagnoses of Autism: Autism Genes Linked to Neurogenesis

Common diagnoses of autism characterize ASD as a broad spectrum of clinical manifestations; qualitative impairments in social interactions and communication, and stereotyped patterns of behaviour.  The brain development takes place at an abnormal acceleration in early childhood and shows signs of slower growth of neurons and minicolumn developmental abnormalities. This all suggests multiregional alterations.   […]

The Comparison between Rett Syndrome and Autism Diagnoses

There is a lot of misconception and misunderstanding when it comes to autism, since medical professionals are still in the dark for the cause and reason. Symptoms of other neurological disorders, such as the Rett Syndrome, might be confused with diagnoses of autism. Small Steps Big Dreams in Dubai, UAE aim is to provide optimum […]

Gene Therapy as a possible Candidate for Autism Treatment

Small Steps Big Dreams in Dubai, UAE plays its part in spreading awareness and knowledge to parents and caregivers for a better understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder. With gene therapies now being considered for autism treatment, let us understand how it can prove to be a possible breakthrough for autism therapy. Gene Therapy Gene therapy- […]

The Post-Lockdown Return of the Autistic Child to School

Schools have changed a lot in the past few months in light of the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). And, as a result, our students need to learn new rules and routines before they continue with academia. With schools slowly re-opening, it is much more important that you teach and practice the current rules and routines to […]

Effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Autism Diagnoses

Dr Heidi Feldman, a professor of developmental and behavioral pediatrics at Stanford University School of Medicine, had stated, “We don’t know what the impact of one year of very restricted social interaction is going to be on children.” Through various autism diagnoses, we understand that anything can be a trigger for an autistic child. A […]

Autism Therapy: Oxytocin as Possible Drug Treatment for ASD

We have yet to understand the biological causes behind Autism Spectrum Disorder. Small Steps Big Dreams in Dubai, UAE, has gathered information for the optimum autism treatment in UAE. According to our research, the social deficits associated with ASD is theorized to be the result of an imbalance in the system that regulates oxytocin in […]