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Occupational Therapy for Autism | Treatment Plan for Autism

Occupational therapy is an essential part of the treatment of autism. Occupational therapy for autism aims to help people improve their lives through activities that build their cognitive, physical, social, and motor skills. Occupational Therapy for Autism in Dubai The main goals of Occupational therapy for autism in Dubai are to help children with the […]

ABA Therapy Autism Effectiveness | Is it Really Effective

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a set of techniques used to increase or maintain desired behaviors and decrease undesired behaviors. It is the most widely used approach for treating individuals with an autism spectrum disorder. Autism Therapy in Dubai, also known as ABA, is a therapeutic strategy tailored to the person and is supported by […]

Speech Delay Therapy in Dubai: Dealing Speech Delay Problems

A speech delay is a disorder that delays the development of speech. While some children start talking before their peers, other children take longer. When a child is diagnosed with a speech delay, they can benefit from various types of speech delay therapy in Dubai. They may be able to overcome obstacles earlier and maximize […]

Behavioral Therapy in Dubai: Behavioral Therapy Techniques

Behavioral Therapy in Dubai is an approach to treating mental illnesses. It focuses on challenging life events. Patients learn to be able to experience negative emotions without experiencing harmful reactions. It involves identifying and dealing with a wide range of feelings and can be helpful for people with many different diagnoses. The process is usually […]

Autism Therapy in Dubai: Diagnosis And Treatment of ASD

The autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurological condition that affects communication and social interaction. Autism causes some children to avoid eye contact, misunderstand facial expressions, have difficulty forming friendships, and have trouble playing interactive games.  Symptoms of Autism Symptoms of autism are often difficult to detect until a child reaches the age of three. […]

9 Ways Occupational Therapy Dubai Can Benefit Your Life

Occupational Therapy Dubai deals with patients that need special care for their mental or physical issues. We at Small Steps provide the most dependable Occupational Therapists that are trained professionals capable of working with individuals of any age. We help patients from basic activities to dealing with complex disorders to relearning how to walk again […]

Treating Problem Behaviors: Dealing with Your Child Aggression

Behavior Problems are aggressive or problem behaviors that occur as communication, coping, or problem-solving skills. These behaviors may be harmful to the child or others around them. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in the study of problem behaviors. The most common problems include verbal and physical aggression, intrusions, property destruction, running […]

Behavior Therapy in Dubai: Effective Support and Care You Need

Behavioral therapy in Dubai can be defined as a therapeutic approach that treats a person’s mental and physical conditions. Behavior Therapists in Dubai aim at bringing about desirable changes in patients by modifying their behavior patterns and environment. Behavior Therapy is an integral part of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). CBT focuses more on thoughts related […]

Speech Delay in Dubai: Delayed Speech Development in Children

Children’s voices and words soothe the parents and bring a positive feel and vibe to the family. But there are some cases in which children do not get to the everyday speech development. Speech Delay refers to the slow speech development in the child than other children of its age. There are different platforms under […]

Children of Determination in UAE: Every Kid is Important

Children of determination in UAE comprise all the children with special needs and disabilities. The Children of Determination require special care and attention. In order to perform different activities and tasks, they need special assistance and support. The Government of the UAE is working upon the betterment of these children by providing them special rights. […]