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Can People With Autism Learn Independent Living Skills

What barriers do autistic people have? People with autism frequently struggle with social skills, language and cognitive development and everyday self-care. Most people want to be able to support themselves on their own, especially as they enter adulthood. Like their parents and carers, people with intellectual impairments and other illnesses like autism frequently desire to […]

How to get the best occupational therapy for kids Occupational therapy

How To Get the Best Occupational Therapy for Kids

According to occupational therapy, participation in daily tasks (occupations) enhances well-being. Participating in a profession enables you to lead a secure, healthy, and contented life. Adjusting any of these areas might increase involvement and well-being since a relationship exists between the person, the occupation, and the environment. They will only learn new abilities if one […]

Living life with autism as an adult Autism

What Is Life like As an Adult with Autism?

Each of us is unique. But even if you were never diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) as a child, you could have it if you’ve noticed that your way of thinking, feeling, or behaving is unusual.  Maybe the people around you don’t appear to share your hobbies, behaviors, social skills, or general preferences. Another […]

Should Parents Force Their Autistic Kids to Socialize?

Developmental disorders include ASD. Children’s interactions and interpersonal communications are impacted. Since children can fall anywhere on the autism spectrum, the condition is a spectrum disorder. Being Alone  We recognize that a child’s need for solitude might cause parents to worry deeply, but instead of attempting to force socialization (which fails), take into account the […]

The Spoon Theory: A Helpful Tool for Understanding Autism

What is Spoon Theory? People with Autism frequently find it challenging to describe their struggles and experiences to those without Autism. Of course, it’s hard for someone who hasn’t experienced anything to understand how it feels. As a result, the autism community has embraced the spoon theory. They may use this example to help non-autistic […]

Does Autism Run in Families

Our understanding of Autism has advanced significantly during the past century. However, our knowledge is still insufficient. It is undeniable that Autism runs in families, but the “how” and “why” are, to put it mildly, unclear.  Persons with Autism may experience as many as 1,000 distinct genetic mutations that alter how their brain cells communicate. […]

Some Important Facts to Know about Intellectual Disability

What is Intellectual Disability? ID is a term used when a person has definite limitations in cognitive functions. The person needs more social and practical skills. However, the affected person has low learning abilities than an average person. It could happen any time before the age of 22 years. This disability starts anytime. Even it […]

Being Shy is a Sign of Autism?

Many parents wonder if their quiet child is indeed shy or if their shyness is a sign of autism. The two differences are often difficult to distinguish because some habits are similar.  Autism is also known as an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It is usually diagnosed during childhood. Interaction with people Social interaction skills can […]

Treating Autism with Camel's Milk Autism

Treating Autism With Camel’s Milk

For many youngsters, milk is the leading dairy food while they are young. Inflammation of the small intestine is linked to the consumption of ordinary cow milk. According to some, the closest natural milk for humans to consume after human mother’s milk is Camel milk. That would imply that camel milk has a high nutritional […]