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The Spoon Theory: A Helpful Tool for Understanding Autism

What is Spoon Theory? People with Autism frequently find it challenging to describe their struggles and experiences to those without Autism. Of course, it’s hard for someone who hasn’t experienced anything to understand how it feels. As a result, the autism community has embraced the spoon theory. They may use this example to help non-autistic […]

Does Autism Run in Families

Our understanding of Autism has advanced significantly during the past century. However, our knowledge is still insufficient. It is undeniable that Autism runs in families, but the “how” and “why” are, to put it mildly, unclear.  Persons with Autism may experience as many as 1,000 distinct genetic mutations that alter how their brain cells communicate. […]

Some Important Facts to Know about Intellectual Disability

What is Intellectual Disability? ID is a term used when a person has definite limitations in cognitive functions. The person needs more social and practical skills. However, the affected person has low learning abilities than an average person. It could happen any time before the age of 22 years. This disability starts anytime. Even it […]

Being Shy is a Sign of Autism?

Many parents wonder if their quiet child is indeed shy or if their shyness is a sign of autism. The two differences are often difficult to distinguish because some habits are similar.  Autism is also known as an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It is usually diagnosed during childhood. Interaction with people Social interaction skills can […]

Treating Autism with Camel's Milk Autism

Treating Autism With Camel’s Milk

For many youngsters, milk is the leading dairy food while they are young. Inflammation of the small intestine is linked to the consumption of ordinary cow milk. According to some, the closest natural milk for humans to consume after human mother’s milk is Camel milk. That would imply that camel milk has a high nutritional […]

Is Social Communication Disorder Related To Autism?

People with social communication disorder and autism spectrum disorder may perceive social circumstances uniquely. Yet, misdiagnosis can occur because medical professionals occasionally need clarification.  Social Communication Disorder and autism spectrum disorder share specific symptoms. Both SCD and ASD have been associated with gaze avoidance, but little is known about how the two diseases differ in social attention. Social […]

Social Communication Disorder Vs Autism  Autism

Social Communication Disorder Vs Autism

Social Communication Disorder is defined by ongoing problems using verbal and nonverbal communication in social situations. Whereas Autism is a disorder caused by differences in the brain. Difference Between Social Communication Disorder and Autism Parents who believe their kid was wrongly diagnosed with ASD should be aware that one of the primary distinctions between ASD […]

visual schedule for kids with autism Autism

Visual Schedule for Kids with Autism

A neurodevelopmental disorder known as autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can have a variety of effects on a person’s life. With the help of visual schedules, autistic people can learn new skills and follow a routine. How to Make a Visual Schedule for Children? ASD can impact a person’s ability to learn, engage with people, and communicate […]

can autism go with age? Autism

Can Autism Go Away With Age?

If autism is diagnosed it will last for whole life, but treatment aims to lessen the reactions and symptoms characteristics of autism. Autism Development Researchers believe that the development of autism is both genetic and environmental. Many scientists believe that many people are concerned with autism, and there isn’t a clear explanation for why the rate […]