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Gene Therapy for Autism: Altering Gene Sequence for Treatment

Gene therapy usually means that researchers are looking at gene insertion or gene-editing methods to treat or prevent conditions by changing the DNA sequence in one’s genes.  Gene Therapy for autism is a new and emerging area of gene therapy research. Autism, which cannot be cured but can be effectively managed with behavioral therapies, is […]

Autism Support Dubai: Our Reliable Support for Your Children

Autism is a neurodevelopmental problem that emerges in children in the early years and influences their social capacities, clear communication, and other associations. When we discuss this disease, it refers to the spectrum illness and is often called Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It occurs due to CNS or central nervous system problems. Autistic people mainly […]

Inclusion Centre in Dubai: All the Support Your Child Need

Inclusion involves all the children studying together under the same roof and learning the same curriculum to showcase their potential regardless of their learning disabilities, races, and cultures. We at the Small Steps realize what difficulties mentally challenged, slow learners, and students of determinations go through while getting an education at separate institutes. Knowing all […]

Learning Difficulties in Dubai: An Overview of Learning Disorder

Children, by nature, are curious. They always look for new things that help them learn new aspects of life. On the contrary, children who do not learn and adapt to new things like normal children are considered “Children with Learning Difficulties.” Learning difficulties disorder in Dubai is becoming more common. People and the government both […]

Occupational Therapy: Enables People to Live Normally

Occupational therapy is the set of procedures that help patients with physical or mental health problems by making them feel normal. Occupational therapy accommodates the patients to acquire and develop skills to perform everyday life activities. There are specific issues of the people ranging from children to older people. The process is to assess the […]

Light sensitivity in Autism

Many ABA Therapy centres across Dubai house children and adults not only suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), but other behavioural problems that prove to be a hinderance in their personal and social lives. These hinderances are the particular source of agitation amongst the children and adults with autism diagnosis. Inclusive of the multiple behavioural […]

Broad Autism Phenotype Spectrum

Autism centres in Dubai are actively studying the disorder and the circumstances surrounding it. Autism Spectrum Disorder is a condition hosting multiple behaviour problems. These problems may vary amongst different children with autism. While it is found that the maximum number of people diagnosed with Autism have an up to 80% of similarities in the […]

Sounds that shall be avoided in an Autistic Environment

Autism Spectrum Disorder requires an easy atmosphere in which a consistent level of ease and peace shall remain. In the children diagnosed as autistic, as multiple behavioural issues surface in the early life, they require special attention and understanding to develop a social friendly behaviour. One of the issues that surface is the Auditory Sensitivity […]

Acoustic Wave Therapy – A Prospective Autism Improver

The generally identified auditory issues in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder are of two types, one where they do not hear anything around them at a normal audio level from the traditionally developed child’s perspective, and the other where they perceive the sounds to be way louder and give intense reactions to certain sounds. These […]

Exceptional Reading skills in Autism associated Hyperlexia

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder are a group of children suffering from multiple behavioural disorders at once. All of the present behavioural issues are rooted from a dysfunctional part of their brain, which either over-works or under-works its capacity. As contrasting it can be with the psychological disorders of Autism, autistic children can also have […]