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Is Social Communication Disorder Related To Autism?

People with social communication disorder and autism spectrum disorder may perceive social circumstances uniquely. Yet, misdiagnosis can occur because medical professionals occasionally need clarification.  Social Communication Disorder and autism spectrum disorder share specific symptoms. Both SCD and ASD have been associated with gaze avoidance, but little is known about how the two diseases differ in social attention. Social […]

Social Communication Disorder Vs Autism  Autism

Social Communication Disorder Vs Autism

Social Communication Disorder is defined by ongoing problems using verbal and nonverbal communication in social situations. Whereas Autism is a disorder caused by differences in the brain. Difference Between Social Communication Disorder and Autism Parents who believe their kid was wrongly diagnosed with ASD should be aware that one of the primary distinctions between ASD […]

visual schedule for kids with autism Autism

Visual Schedule for Kids with Autism

A neurodevelopmental disorder known as autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can have a variety of effects on a person’s life. With the help of visual schedules, autistic people can learn new skills and follow a routine. How to Make a Visual Schedule for Children? ASD can impact a person’s ability to learn, engage with people, and communicate […]

can autism go with age? Autism

Can Autism Go Away With Age?

If autism is diagnosed it will last for whole life, but treatment aims to lessen the reactions and symptoms characteristics of autism. Autism Development Researchers believe that the development of autism is both genetic and environmental. Many scientists believe that many people are concerned with autism, and there isn’t a clear explanation for why the rate […]

Autism Treatments in UAE Autism  Autism Spectrum Disorder  Autism Support in UAE  autism treatment

Autism Treatments in UAE | Different Types of Autism

There are various autism centers that provide Autism Treatments in UAE. Autism, also known as “Autism Spectrum Condition,” is a central nervous system disorder that appears in the early years of development. It is linked to problems with the development of sensory and linguistic perception.  As a result, it interferes with the affected person’s social […]

Autistic Child Treatment in Dubai autism diagnoses  Autism Spectrum Disorder  autistic child  Autistic child treatment in Dubai

Autistic Child Treatment in Dubai! A Comprehensive Guide

There are many autism centers which are working to promote Autistic Child Treatment in Dubai. Autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) is a complex central nervous system disorder. Autism is one type of ASD that develops in early life, usually before the age of three. Autistic children have the ability to grow up normally. But they still have […]

Children of Determination children of determination  Children of Determination in Dubai

Children of Determination in UAE | Special Education Services and Facilities

In UAE, disabled children are honored as “Children of Determination” for their various contributions to society. Special education refers to a wide range of services and programs designed to help every student excel.  The UAE has established special education centers in Dubai to include children with determination in normal schooling. Furthermore, there are many Specialists […]

Inclusive Education Programs in Dubai Inclusion center  Inclusion Center in Dubai  Inclusion in uae

Inclusive Education Programs in Dubai | Concept & Methods

Inclusive Education Programs in Dubai Concept: Inclusive Education Programs in Dubai are now and again referred to as popularizing. This is the particular placement of exceptional students with disabilities in regular education classrooms.  Inclusion programs offer instructive types of service for all students and include those with great necessities. Inclusion programs serve all students in […]

ABA Therapy aba therapy  aba therapy in dubai  ABA treatment center

ABA Therapy | Uncovering the Benefits and Techniques

Applied behavior analysis, ABA therapy is a widely used treatment for children with autism. It focusing on reinforcing positive behaviors and reducing challenging behaviors. While ABA therapy is an effective treatment for children with autism, it is not without its challenges. In this article, we will explore the benefits and techniques of ABA therapy for […]

Development Delay Development Delay  developmental therapies in Dubai

Developmental Delay Understanding | Causes and Therapies

Developmental delay is a term used to describe a child who is not meeting the typical milestones for their age. Children with developmental delays may have difficulty with physical, cognitive, or social skills. Developmental delay is common in children with autism, but with the right support and therapy, children with developmental delays can make progress […]