Broad Autism Phenotype Spectrum

Autism centres in Dubai are actively studying the disorder and the circumstances surrounding it. Autism Spectrum Disorder is a condition hosting multiple behaviour problems. These problems may vary amongst different children with autism. While it is found that the maximum number of people diagnosed with Autism have an up to 80% of similarities in the behavioural problems they exhibit, with the possibility of varying levels of those issues amongst them, the types of autism are also under study to examine the behavioural details each patient exhibits to determine their psychological levels of development and understanding.

Certain symptoms that are included in autism, are separately categorized as psychological or behavioural problems. These behavioural issues start surfacing around the age of 2 years or older, same as the autistic children. The severity of the signs a child exhibits determines the type of autism the child is suffering from, or if the child is even suffering from autism or not. One of the very common issue many families have experienced is that they see a selective number of behavioural issues associated with autism rather than noticing all of the prominent problematic conduct found in autistic children, and thus not taking them for behavioural examination.

Broad Autism Phenotype Spectrum (BAP) is the less intense, or to say, the sub-type of autism, in which the child exhibits from one to maximum four behavioural problems that are generally found in autistic children. While these disorders start to develop at an early age, the possibility of a later notice is always present because of the issues not being associated to the aggressive levels of the autistic children. BAP includes a commonly found behavioural issues of Social Phobia, Repetitive Actions, Sound Sensitivity and Light Sensitivity.

Many a times, in the case of only one or two such issues surfacing, are described as more of a moody nuisance exhibited by the child rather than an actual psychological problem that requires earliest attention and possible therapies. In such cases, as the child is not exhibiting intense behaviour issues, one might think that the child does not require proper therapies for betterment. But the broad autism phenotype spectrum can be identified in people ranging from as early as an age of 2 years and onwards. In children, one can easily spot the behavioural disturbance that identifies them to be suffering from BAP, while in adults, this condition seems to be a bit less prominent because of the time and therapy attended to cater and control the sub-problems associated with BAP

Conclusively, the way that a child holds a greater possibility of inheriting a behaviour problems or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), the same way, the possibility of their direct relatives having one or more behavioural problems is greatly possible. With the help of Small Steps Big Dreams Dubai, UAE, we have hope of turning the autistic community of our world into better informed and skilled individuals.


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