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Autism Support

Autism Support in UAE: Mental Health of the Autistic Society

Small Steps Big Dreams in Dubai, UAE, recognizes the unconditional value of all persons. We’ve made it our aim to make our society more accepting and least challenging for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) by promoting autism support in UAE. Mental health crises are serious and potentially life-threatening events that frequently affect children, adolescents […]

Autism Support in UAE: ASD and Self- Injurious Behaviour

To promote autism support in UAE, our team at Small Steps Big Dreams in Dubai, UAE has worked tirelessly to shed light on ASD-related matters. This ranges from the various causes and symptoms to the associated risks, and to how we can aid autistic individuals. Self-injury is one of the problems that arise among people […]

Autism Support in UAE: Reinforcing Autistic Civil Rights

Small Steps Big Dreams in Dubai, UAE, after going through countless studies, has noted that the basic human rights of autistic people are not being met. To promote better autism support in Dubai we think it is important to help and advocate for every autistic individual and their rights. As the Autistic Self Advocacy Network […]

Autism Therapy: Oxytocin as Possible Drug Treatment for ASD

We have yet to understand the biological causes behind Autism Spectrum Disorder. Small Steps Big Dreams in Dubai, UAE, has gathered information for the optimum autism treatment in UAE. According to our research, the social deficits associated with ASD is theorized to be the result of an imbalance in the system that regulates oxytocin in […]

Autism Diagnosis: Serotonin in the Autistic Child and Adult

There are many important functions of the neurotransmitter, serotonin, in the body: it is responsible for our mood, sleep and appetite, as well as our social abilities. Small Steps Big Dreams, Dubai, UAE has gathered information regarding the link between serotonin and Autism Spectrum Disorder. One of the first biomarkers of ASD to be identified […]

Improving Autism Support with the Signaling Imbalance Theory

Earlier research tried to explain signaling imbalance as a cause of autism spectrum disorder. However, here at Small Steps Big Dreams, Dubai, UAE, we thoroughly researched what signaling imbalance is and whether it really is the cause of autism or just a consequence of the brain changes due to autism. Surely, a clearer concept will […]

Autism Spectrum Disorder and the Extreme Male Brain Theory

The founder of the Autism Research Centre in Cambridge, UK was professor Baron-Cohen who gave the theory on one of the autistic’s characteristics; namely the “extreme male brain theory”. Small Steps Big Dreams, Dubai, UAE reviews the male brain theory in detail, and since details about ASD are crucial for optimized autism therapy in UAE […]

Parental Age and the Autistic Child: Affecting Autism Diagnoses

Parental age has been linked with autism diagnoses via many research studies, and Small Steps Big Dreams in Dubai, UAE plays its part in spreading awareness and knowledge to the parents and caregivers for better understanding of this disorder. In the epidemiology of autism, it has been one of the most consistent conclusions that the […]