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Relationship Development Intervention for an Autistic Child

Relationship development intervention (RDI) is a family-oriented aversion therapy which identifies the basic symptoms of autism. The main focus of this is to build up interpersonal and emotional skills. In most of the cases, during RDI programs, parents are trained as the fundamental therapist. RDI assists the autistic child in building intimate relationships by reinforcing […]

How to Help an Autistic Child Cope With Traumatic Events

After traumatic events, an autistic child can feel distressed, irritation, or withdrawal. Their behavior might shift as well. Some of the children might react several weeks or months after the traumatic incident has occurred. These children will consequently require extra support. How Children Respond to Traumatic Events Traumatic events imply incidents such as car crashes, […]

How Can We Improve Self-Help Skills in an Autistic Child?

With great current emphasis on before-time intensive intervention recovery, parents and caretakers of an autistic child do not spend ample time talking about deficits in self-help skills. Mostly, they are worried about the child’s growth in functional communication cognitive skills. It is usually easier to dress the child, rather than teaching the child to dress […]