Behavioural Therapy

Behaviour Therapy | Helping People to Develop Skills and Encouraging Reinforced Behavior

Behavioral therapists focus on different behaviour of people to study their problems. Many people exhibit unintentional and problematic behaviors because they suffer from a disorder. This disorder can be an autism spectrum disorder, dementia, or other neurodevelopmental or personality disorders.   Behaviour therapy aims to use reward and reinforcement, which contributes to words decreasing the frequency […]

Behavioral Therapy in Dubai: Behavioral Therapy Techniques

Behavioral Therapy in Dubai is an approach to treating mental illnesses. It focuses on challenging life events. Patients learn to be able to experience negative emotions without experiencing harmful reactions. It involves identifying and dealing with a wide range of feelings and can be helpful for people with many different diagnoses. The process is usually […]

Effects of Warm colors in Autistic Children

Children notice and get affected by almost everything. The sound of the voice, the intensity of the music, the colours, tall buildings etc. In children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), such effects are observed to be more intense than a normal child. Kids with autism are more sensitive to any impact which is higher in […]

Role and Benefit of Art as Behaviour Therapy for Autism

Autistic children are unaware of the cause and reason behind their aggravated episodes, or the absence of enthusiasm in their daily routine. They may thus be unwilling to go through certain modes of behaviour therapy for any problem behaviours. Small Steps Big Dreams in Dubai, UAE works on providing the best of information and treatments, […]