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children of determination

The Cultural Impact on Autistic Children of Determination

Diagnoses of ASD, treatments, and experiences vary greatly at a global level. The Autism Rights Movement has, many times, argued that autism should be viewed as a type of neurodiversity and treated as such. In some cases, it has been noted that such empathy towards these children of determination has been observed to comparatively be […]

Applied Behavior Analysis: ABA therapy training for Parents and Caregivers

Why should Caregivers receive ABA Training? While interaction with healthcare professionals is helpful for children with diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Disorder, it is important for the child to be in constant contact with a generative environment in accordance with their specific requirements. Consequently, it is useful for both, parents and teachers, to receive ABA therapy […]

Inclusion Centers for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Dubai

Autism in Dubai With the introduction of the National Policy to empower People of Determination in the UAE, the government exhibited the desire to generate a positive environment for those with special requirements. Conversely, it highlights the lack of a conducive and productive atmosphere for people of determination. This directs attention towards the prevailing regressive […]