Development Delay

Development Delay Development Delay  developmental therapies in Dubai

Developmental Delay Understanding | Causes and Therapies

Developmental delay is a term used to describe a child who is not meeting the typical milestones for their age. Children with developmental delays may have difficulty with physical, cognitive, or social skills. Developmental delay is common in children with autism, but with the right support and therapy, children with developmental delays can make progress […]

Development Delay | Get the Professionals to Help Your Child

It becomes quite problematic for parents to know that their child is going through a developmental delay situation. On the other hand, there are now many treatment options and diagnoses for properly labeling developmental delay. Furthermore, a person can never predict a child’s future intelligence and learning abilities.  On the whole, development delay means that […]

Developmental Delays | Treatment of Autism in Dubai

A developmental delay is usually seen when a child does not gain the essential developmental skills like children of their age. These delays can be cognitive in nature, speech or language delay, and motor function delay. You may be able to notice the early signs and symptoms from their school age. Different types of therapies […]

Baron Cohen: Theory of Mind in Autism and Development Delay

Baron Cohen, a British researcher, conducted a study on autistic children and hypothesized that males are more likely to have autistic characteristics than females, and they are either underdeveloped or lack theory of mind. Theory of mind is a cognitive mental process that allows understanding of the emotions and intentions of other people. Relating it […]

Missing Out on Mainstream Education Due to Development Delay

As parents, you would like nothing but the best for your child when it comes to their education.  For improved support for the development delay of autistic children of determination in the UAE, the first and essential step is to refrain from isolating them from living a normal lifestyle. This condition mustn’t make them feel […]