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Autism Support in Dubai: Neurodiversity and Positives of Autism

Autism is often characterized and described in terms of deficits. This happens to determine what sort of developmental plan one needs to progress with for every autistic individual. At Small Steps Big Dreams in Dubai, UAE though, we find it necessary to point out that constantly mentioning what an autistic person can’t do as compared […]

Children of Determination in Dubai: Depression and Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex neurodevelopmental condition, and little is known about its neurobiology. Specialists and medical professionals have focused their research on the social, communicative and cognitive difficulties associated with the condition. Small Steps Big Dreams in Dubai, UAE, has made it its aim to ensure that everyone affected by autism, directly […]

DNA Tag: ‘Methylation State’ Amenable to Autism Treatment

The aetiology of Autism Spectrum Disorder is complex. There are a hundred genetic variants and numerous environmental factors that might be considered a trigger agent. Statistics provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggest that this neurodevelopmental disorder also has a male to female prevalence of 4.3:1. Specialists and other medical professionals […]

Diagnoses of Autism: Autism Genes Linked to Neurogenesis

Common diagnoses of autism characterize ASD as a broad spectrum of clinical manifestations; qualitative impairments in social interactions and communication, and stereotyped patterns of behaviour.  The brain development takes place at an abnormal acceleration in early childhood and shows signs of slower growth of neurons and minicolumn developmental abnormalities. This all suggests multiregional alterations.   […]

Gene Therapy as a possible Candidate for Autism Treatment

Small Steps Big Dreams in Dubai, UAE plays its part in spreading awareness and knowledge to parents and caregivers for a better understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder. With gene therapies now being considered for autism treatment, let us understand how it can prove to be a possible breakthrough for autism therapy. Gene Therapy Gene therapy- […]

Diagnoses of Autism: Role of the Female Protective Effect

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has historically been diagnosed more frequently in males as compared to females. This has been documented extensively in both epidemiological and genetic studies. By way of understanding this stark difference in diagnoses of autism, we at Small Steps Big Dreams in Dubai, UAE had found that four times as many boys […]

Link between Anti-Depressants and ASD during Pregnancy

Specialists have yet to understand the single exact cause of ASD, and why autism diagnoses seem to be on the rise. According to our research at Small Steps Big Dreams in Dubai, UAE, Autism Spectrum Disorder- one can say- is the resultant of a mélange of factors. Medical professionals believe that genetics is one of […]