Children of Determination in UAE: Every Kid is Important

Children of determination in UAE comprise all the children with special needs and disabilities. The Children of Determination require special care and attention. In order to perform different activities and tasks, they need special assistance and support. The Government of the UAE is working upon the betterment of these children by providing them special rights.

The children of determination feel difficulty in communication and speaking. For one thing, they require extra attention in education, and on the other hand, they require assistance in physical activities. Important to realize that they solely depend upon the caregivers and parents. The Children of Determination includes:

    • Children with disability
    • Hearing Problem
    • Visual impairment 
    • Learning problem
  • ASD Autism
  • Mental disorder 
  • Physical abnormalities

The people of determination UAE include people with mental and physical issues. In a word, these issues hinder the children’s progress and daily life performance. 


Inclusive Education for Children of Determination 

Children of Determination in the UAE have special educational needs and requirements. The government has taken the initiative to bring inclusive education. Inclusive education plays a vital role in uplifting the confidence of children. It makes them think that they are no different than others.

In a word, the particular students need special care, but schools should add the students with manageable needs to the inclusive education. 

Interactive activities: Help them Getting Better

The interactive activities, whether verbal or non-verbal, help them get better. In addition, the visual aids also serve as a better option than others. Plus, singing, cooking, debating, and dancing assists more than others. Furthermore, the activities like movie watching, camping, and painting, and many more.

Strategies to Assist Children of Determination

How to manage the children with special needs in UAE and requirements of children of Determination? Different strategies have shown better results and effective changes.

How can we assist a person of Determination?

Expressing and Communication 

Talking with the family and siblings helps more than it looks. Daily communication and expression assist in getting better. Moreover, asking them to speak and express their feelings and thoughts improves their mental health.

Visual support 

People with mental and learning disabilities learn faster from visual aids. On the positive side, the videos and movies provide a better learning environment. The visually impaired people ask for special assistance. Undoubtedly, they require special tools and equipment to perform better in daily life.

Calming and Coping Skill

The calming and coping skills that help them calm and relax include the morning physical routine. Furthermore, Small Steps provide a routine that includes yoga and other healthful exercises. The calming techniques provide a comforting sensation to the children to behave. It makes them mentally stable and relaxed.

Support to the Families

In a nutshell, the family, especially parents, face problems and issues regarding the Children of Determination in UAE. They bear all the tantrums and difficulties managing them. Small steps have the program that manages the parents of the Children of Determination in Dubai. We provide them with the best possible training and education to deal with special children. 

The Small Steps know what children of Determination in Dubai go through; that’s why we provide the best assistance in special needs education in UAE. In addition, we provide valuable services that make us unique from others.

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