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Children of Determination children of determination  Children of Determination in Dubai

In UAE, disabled children are honored as “Children of Determination” for their various contributions to society. Special education refers to a wide range of services and programs designed to help every student excel. 

The UAE has established special education centers in Dubai to include children with determination in normal schooling. Furthermore, there are many Specialists in UAE for Special Children that provide training and rehabilitation to them.


Benefits Provided to People of Determination:

In the United Arab Emirates, people of determination are eligible for a wide range of privileges. The Person of Determination and their legal guardians are entitled to receive these benefits. 

You have access to all of these benefits if you have a valid Person of  a Determination ID card from the United Arab Emirates or any other country. You can read about all of the advantages below:

  • Discount of up to 55% on travel tickets
  • Receive up to 20% discount on vehicle insurance
  • The priority of reserving appointments
  • Shortened waiting periods for doctor’s consultations
  • Special phone number specific for reserving times and any inquiry
  • Exemption from using ferries of the department of transport
  • Scholarships of up to 25% on all programs 


Services and Facilities at Special Educational Centers:

The Ministry of Education has established Special Educational Centers in Dubai to monitor and assess the development of these children before and after their integration into schools. These centers offer a wide range of services, such as individual assessments for children with disabilities and counseling for their parents. Below are some further facilities that children can get at these centers:

  • Wheelchair ramps and elevators, restrooms, buses, automobiles, and parking places for students with physical limitations
  • Customized assistive tools and technologies for their unique demands
  • Sensory and comprehensive spaces, special education resource rooms
  • Special education teachers, visual impairment specialists, psychologists, and speech and language pathologists 
  • Evaluation and diagnosis of students of determination by a multidisciplinary team
  • Meetings with parents of kids of determination to provide information and guidance
  • Workshops and classes for school personnel, including teachers, aides, specialists, and parents

Customized Assistive Technologies:

Here is a list of the assistive technologies that are provided to children of determination depending on their individual needs in Special Educational Centers Dubai.

Visual Impairment Devices:

  • Desktop magnifier for reading and writing
  • Braille Note
  • Goalball
  • Classic and regular Perkins Brailler
  • A sensory bag to help visually challenged students improve their sensory abilities

Autism and Mental Impairment Devices:

  • Talking photo album
  • Devices specialized in communication and language skills development
  • Comprehensive talking Arabic language skills bag

Hearing impairment Devices :

  • Frequency modulation (FM) system in the classrooms


Role of Specialist in Training Children of Determination:

There are many Specialists in UAE for Special Children. These specialists play a crucial role in teaching basic life skills to children of determination.  Here are some of the major duties fulfilled by these teachers in training and schooling these special children:

  • Evaluate students’ abilities and their educational requirements.
  • Adapt general lessons to the needs of the pupils
  • Create IEPs (individualized education plans) for every student
  • Create activities that are appropriate for each student’s skill level.
  • Teach and guide students in groups, one-on-one, and as a class

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