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We know that ASD affects each person differently. So most individuals with ASD have unique strengths and challenges. As a result of which, their treatment needs are different too. The therapies work towards the behavioral, developmental, social, and educational improvements among autistic people, including Applied and Cognitive Behavioral Analysis, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. These are the essential parts of your treatment. From the specific care plans devised for each individual, the tailored approaches will cater to all the needs of ASD patients. 


Significant Goals and Types of Applied Behavior Analysis 

One of the most widely used forms of therapy for ASD is Applied Behavior Analysis. The treatment helps in reducing unwanted or harmful behaviors through positive reinforcement. The children finally learn to manage the symptoms and new life skills. Through the help of autism diagnosis Dubai centers, your child can get an early autism diagnosis as ABA is most effective if the therapy begins around the age of 4 or 5. Some common goals are as follows.

  • Improved social skills by developing better use of language and teaching communication abilities.
  • Better academic abilities and enhanced cognitive abilities. 
  • Having the skills of self-care and moving towards independence in daily life tasks. 
  • Improved motor skills. 

After a session of 15 hours or more, parents have to practice these learned skills at home. The sessions will help the children apply their learnings to different public environments. There are different types of ABA. 

EIBI: Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention – characterized by highly-structured sessions for younger children till age 5. EIBI involves one-on-one sessions or small group settings. 

PRT: Pivotal Response Training – the main focus is on improving critical areas of development like a response to various cues, initiation of conversations, self-management, and motivation. The sessions make use of stable and familiar environments like homes. 

DTT: Discrete Trial Teaching – being a teaching strategy, it works well for autistic children. Through a step-by-step process, they get to learn various life skills. The larger tasks can be scary, so that the therapist will design them into smaller, doable tasks in a controlled manner. 

PBS: Positive Behavior and Support – work towards positive changes by understanding the roots of problematic behaviors. 


Pros of Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps refine a child’s daily life functioning from motor and cognitive to social and physical skills. The child develops self-sufficiency in various aspects of life. Autism center cost in Dubai for occupational therapy is meager and even free for some needy patients. Your child’s grooming improves, and the academic outcomes also get better. 


Importance of Speech Therapy

Language delays and communication problems are common in children with autism. Your child understands body language better through speech therapy, uses words, and makes sentences more effectively. They can make more precise speech sounds and learn to match their facial expressions with emotions. 


Parental involvement is vital for the success of autism therapies. The above effective treatments help you and your child manage the difficulties and work towards a better future.

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