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Early intervention is necessary to improve the effectiveness of autism therapies. It is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to start researching autism therapies as soon as you find early symptoms of autism in your child. You do not need to wait for a formal diagnosis. The most common and helpful therapies for autistic children include ABA and Occupational therapies. For either option, the Dubai autism center fees are budget-friendly.

The overall goal of occupational therapy is to help your child learn daily life activities and help them adjust to different environments. On the other end, ABA uses behavioral interventions and promotes healthy, positive behaviors in them. The following guide is a brief overview of these therapies.


How does Occupational Therapy Work?

Occupational therapy focuses on your child’s needs and goals and how their daily life activities can be made easier for them. The therapist works along with the parents, teachers, and other professionals as a team to develop some specific goals after a thorough evaluation. The goals are directed towards improved social interactions, behaviors, and performance. 

During the evaluation phase, the therapist will analyze whether the children can perform basic tasks like getting dressed, brushing their teeth, etc. They will also notice how your child interacts with the environment and people around them. Important observations include looking closely at:

  • Their attention span.
  • Transition to different activities.
  • Response and reaction to various stimuli.
  • Interaction with children of their age or with caregivers.
  • Aggressive behaviors and need for personal space.
  • Posture, balance, and other motor skills.


After gathering the above information comes the planning phase, the time to devise a treatment plan for your child, which is structured under the child’s needs. Generally, it includes various physical and developmental activities and adaptive strategies to help with the transitions. With time, your child will learn how to self-regulate, develop relationships and express their thoughts and feelings more appropriately. 


Benefits of ABA Therapy 

The approach of ABA is an effective and popular choice for individuals with an autism spectrum disorder. To understand different behavior patterns, your therapist will evaluate and collect data from your child’s daily life activities. One of the most important benefits of ABA is that it teaches social skills to help them get along with their peers and teachers. 

The level of learning social skills varies from one individual to another, but most children will be able to learn some form of interaction to help them connect with others.


Another good thing about ABA therapy is that it helps parents and teachers connect with the children and work with them regularly. This kind of intervention is more productive and helpful as it reduces your child’s meltdowns and provides them with a safe atmosphere. With time, your child learns independence, and their satisfaction with life improves. 



After deciding which therapy will work best for your child, you can easily find the Dubai autism center location and contact your therapist immediately.


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