Inclusion Centre in Dubai: All the Support Your Child Need

Inclusion involves all the children studying together under the same roof and learning the same curriculum to showcase their potential regardless of their learning disabilities, races, and cultures. We at the Small Steps realize what difficulties mentally challenged, slow learners, and students of determinations go through while getting an education at separate institutes. Knowing all these issues and reasons, Small Steps gives them an assisting hand by providing Inclusion Programmes Dubai and a comprehensive platform to learn the social norms with fundamental education.

Small Steps provides the platform that compassionately offers students with disabilities and mental health issues to explore their skills and talents side by side with other normal children. We empower the children to get the imperative education with everyone without giving them special attention and consideration to make them feel normal. Small Steps provides the best atmosphere where students of determination feel equal to other students and accomplish their everyday ventures. 

What Makes Us Unique?

The Small Steps notion is crystal clear: we determine every child with compassion and empathy, making them feel no different from other children. 

Inclusive Learning Atmosphere

Our institution has a healthy learning atmosphere that includes all the students, whether with autism or SEND, some with impairment issues or high intelligence. Everyone is administered by the same teacher, same curriculum, and activities.

Trained Teaching Approaches 

Small Steps has an adequately qualified teaching staff that follows the proper skill set and is equipped with the best training to withstand all the challenges that come in the inclusive study. They monitor everyone with the same parameters as they know what special children go through in practical life, so they show no conventional inclination towards SEND and other students with learning difficulties.

Most high-grade Supervision 

We do not leave any loose ends while managing our Inclusion center in Dubai. We supervise all the teaching faculty and training staff now and then. And to further induce professionalism, we follow the evaluation process that refines the most reliable staff that helps and performs better. 

Foremost Peer involvement 

Small steps provide an extraordinary set of activities and curriculum that involves peer involvement in everything that improves the social inclusion of the children. The children learn quickly with their peers, and they create the bond that enhances their mental and physical health and condition. 

Proper technology Assistance

We at Small Steps properly acknowledge the Inclusion Programmes UAE and always provide the best technical support to all the students that assist them in coping with all the hurdles. The imperative tools help the children with some special needs like some visual aids and the speech-to-text that helps in writing to those children who have difficulty writing.

We Know our Students’ Needs

The central aspect that makes us unparalleled from others is that we know our students. We tend to dig deep into the children’s challenges and devise the proper evaluative plans that help the children to recoup from the hurdles and become better with every passing day. Our special needs center in Dubai provide the best care for your children.

The Small Steps comprises all the inevitable duties, from determining the children’s learning process barriers to properly devising a plan that helps them include themselves in everyday life events. In addition, make them think and feel that they are also an integral part of society. We are the ones that you can rely on because we value solid results and satisfying experiences.

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