Inclusive Education Programs in Dubai | Concept & Methods

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Inclusive Education Programs in Dubai Concept:

Inclusive Education Programs in Dubai are now and again referred to as popularizing. This is the particular placement of exceptional students with disabilities in regular education classrooms. 

Inclusion programs offer instructive types of service for all students and include those with great necessities.

Inclusion programs serve all students in the regular classroom on a full-time basis. If some students require extra services such as language instruction or speech therapy, these administrations are brought to the classrooms.


Inclusive Education:

Inclusion education program allows their students to remain in the classroom during their regular education. These students do not need to leave class for services in their IEP; they are provided to the students in their regular classroom settings. Inclusive education program policy breaks down the unconscious biases between disabled and healthy children.


Aims & Objectives of Inclusive Education:

  • Inclusive education programs provide an environment to students learn together regardless of their ability in a healthy environment and are treated fairly, and all students get equal opportunities.
  • The inclusion program’s primary objective is to educate students in regular classrooms while accommodating their unique needs.
  • Inclusive education programs have variables that make the standard meaning of inclusion misleading.
  • Inclusive education programs are putting a place for all students, regardless of exceptional students with disabilities and severity, in the classroom full-time.
  • No student should be separated from groups or communities based on discrimination.
  • All students have an equal right to education, and classrooms should have all students with mixed abilities.
  •  All students’ personal needs should be considered.


Inclusive Education School:

Inclusive education schools in Dubai provide unique needs for groups of children and provide learning opportunities in a regular classroom or the same school for all students, regardless of students with disabilities or minority languages. 

And a special education teacher deals with and guides a general education teacher to provide services for the students in their regular classroom.

A general education teacher is responsible for training all students in a classroom, even those with an IEP.


Inclusive Education Program Methods:

A fair and reasonable inclusive environment makes a happy and cheerful & healthy environment in a classroom.

  • Firstly, teach them an ability awareness workshop in a classroom, so the students walk through their beliefs and assumptions.
  • Secondly,  students have a field trip, where they are paired together with or without disabilities. They play and learn together for a day.
  • Thirdly, students learn from their buddies with disabilities and learn together in a group and community.


Effectiveness of Inclusive Programs:

A conclusion has yet to be reached, even though numerous research studies have been conducted to assess the efficacy of inclusive special education programs. Many encouraging signals have been seen with typical pupils and those in special education. According to some supporters of inclusive education programs, segregated special education programs harm pupils more and fall short of their educational objectives.

When the appropriate support services are implemented, and some changes are made in the traditional classroom, those who promote inclusion see encouraging evidence that all students can benefit from these inclusive programs. For both special education and general education instructors, professional development courses, certificates, and graduate degree programs result in an excellent grasp of inclusive education. Special needs kids can succeed alongside their peers in regular education when given the right resources.

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