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ABA relies on the scientific study of behavior and surpasses all other types of treatment for autism spectrum disorder. ABA also utilizes different forms of treatment that includes peer training, visual aids, and the development of social skills. As a parent, there are a lot of questions that might cross your mind and we are here to clear your doubts. Our ABA specialists work on promoting your child’s independent growth and provide them with an enriching and engaging early childhood. Dubai Autism center fees are also designed by treatment plans. 

There are some key components followed in every session. The guide below will improve your overall understanding of ABA and its effectiveness. 


Arranging Sessions | From Assessments to Activities 

The services of autism therapy sessions are designed to help you achieve the positive changes and goals that you have planned for your child. To become more familiar with these sessions, take a look at the following points that are common in most ABA sessions:

Initial Preparation – At the beginning of sessions, your child’s behavior therapist will select some helpful material that they will use later during the session. The therapist might plan most of this material ahead of time so that they can readily work towards the treatment goals. You might also notice the therapist collecting data at every step. The purpose of this data is to monitor your child’s progress and make changes accordingly. 

Rapport Building – Also known as pairing activities, this involves some interactive activities between the therapist and your child. The activities can be playing or doing anything that your child enjoys actively. The process leads to a positive association between the two and it will also motivate your child into taking part in the sessions.

Assessment of Preferences – The therapist will make assess the activities your child enjoys and engages in. Later on, these preferences can be used the reinforcement of positive behaviors and reduce negative behaviors. Their level of engagement in learning activities also improves.

About Programs – After preference assessments, your therapist will work on different programs that are designed to help your child learn new skills. These programs are simply some individualized methods to achieve treatment goals.


Behavior Management 

Children with autism face a huge communication barrier due to which they cannot take express their needs and emotions properly. This, in turn, leads to different behavior patterns.  In behavior management, your therapist works towards the cause or antecedent of such behaviors. An antecedent is what precedes that behavior. It can be anything; something hurtful a teacher said or any irritating habit of their close friends etc. The negative behavior is a response to that antecedent. 

Through the use of positive reinforcement, the ABA therapists focus on understanding the causes of negative behaviors and then reducing such challenging behaviors. It also leads to the promotion of healthy and positive behaviors. 

The above article is to help you get familiar with the process of ABA sessions. Moreover, you can easily find our Dubai autism center location through our website. 


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