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Applied Behavior Therapy is a treatment that focuses on the improvement of behaviors, and social and learning skills. ABA utilizes behavioral principles to set certain goals, reinforce positive behaviors, and measure the outcomes after every session. The approach has reached the level of “goal standard” in the treatment of autism. ABA works with certain goals, the therapy can further be focused or comprehensive. The best ABA therapy in Dubai has been proven to be effective in decreasing problematic or negative behaviors and widening your child’s skill set.


How does Comprehensive ABA Therapy Work?

The approach of comprehensive therapy is designed to be carried out for several hours every day. The daily sessions are conducted in various environments and in changed settings. The purpose of this transition is to involve different contexts from both home and school environments so that your child is able to practice the taught life skills. Usually, the therapist works only with the patient but they can also involve parents and teachers to create a more understanding environment for the child. 

Does your child need Focused Therapy instead?

In contrast with comprehension therapy where the treatment plan is more general, there is focused therapy, where your therapist works on improving certain behaviors of your child or helping them with specific needs. The treatment plan circles around teaching your child certain life skills that will help them become more independent. It comprises one-on-one sessions but the therapist also organizes small group or community sessions for better communicative skills.

Goals of ABA

ABA sessions are individualized, but overall, the therapy works on achieving the following goals:

  • Improve language skills and communication. 
  • Teach age-specific life skills that other children of the same age can easily perform.
  • Reduce negative behaviors and improve their emotional connections with family and friends.
  • Teach them how to manage and cope with the feelings of anxiety and aggression. 
  • Develop their motor and cognitive abilities leading to enhanced memory.

Some children with ASD struggle with daily activities or following instructions, whereas others are unable to communicate or participate in any kind of social interaction. Unfamiliar patterns, situations, or settings can also be triggering. Hence, except for the above common goals, ABA therapy in UAE also deals specifically with each child’s needs and goals. 

How long shall a child stay in ABA Therapy?

A child’s ABA therapy plan and duration are planned after a complete evaluation. But depending on their progress, this duration can be increased or reduced accordingly. For a parent, it is not easy to notice changes in a child’s behavior easily. The ultimate outcome of ABA is to bring positive behaviors in them and maximize their independence. If your child can practice these new skills and behaviors at home or in other environments, you can discontinue the therapy after talking with the therapists and specialists.


There are numerous treatment options available today for children with ASD, but if you are satisfied with the level of effectiveness ABA therapy offers, simply search for “ABA Therapy near me” or visit our official website.

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