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If your child may have a language delay, their language abilities may create at a slower rate than general children’s. They may have a problem expressing themselves in front of others and understanding others. Their delay may include a combination of hearing, speech, and mental debilitations.

Language and Speech delays are quite common in children. 

According to a University of Michigan Health System survey, delayed speech or language development affects 5 to 10 percent of preschool-aged children.


Types Of Language Delay:

  • A language postponement can be receptive and expressive or a mixture of both. 
  • A receptive language shortfall happens when your kid experiences issues in understanding language.
  • An expressive language issue happens when your child experience difficulty in communicating verbally.


Symptoms Of Language Delay:

If your child has a language delay, they won’t arrive at the language achievements at the ordinary age. Their specific symptoms depend on their age and the nature of their language delay.

Common symptoms of a language delay are:

  • Baby not babbling at the age of 15 months 
  • Baby, don’t start talking at the age of 2 years.
  • Your child faces an inability to speak in a short sentence by the age of 3 years.
  • Facing difficulty in following directions.
  • Having poor pronunciation 
  • Leaving words out of a sentence while talking.


Causes Of Language Delay:

Language delay in children may have many causes. Some common causes are:

  • In children, it’s common who have a hearing impairment. If they can’t hear the language, they have difficulty learning communication.
  • Autism can’t affect all children with language delay, but autism frequently affects communication.
  • Intellectual disability may cause language delays in children. Dyslexia and other learning disability can lead to language delay.
  • Several psychological problems may also cause language delays in children.


Get The Speech Therapy:

Get speech therapy for various speech, language, and communication needs.

 Get therapy for your children in different ranges, which includes:

  • Language difficulties 
  • Developmental language disorder 
  • Speech sound difficulties 
  • And Autism disorders 
  • And social communication difficulties.


Speech Therapist In Dubai:

Get the best Speech therapy sessions in Dubai.

  • Provide Services In Natural Environment: 

A natural and good environment makes a child and adults feel more confident and positively affects the therapy outcomes. The accommodation for the client to easily acquire skills that can help to generalize other situations.


  • Object And Routines:

While working with a child or any adult at home, functional objects and day-to-day routines are usually managed during the sessions.

This option can help better to practice the skills.


  • Convenient for clients:

The clients may be engaged m multiple schedules in a day. They may find it difficult to travel daily to the hospital/clinic for regular sessions. Home therapy services may make the schedule easier and more convenient for the clients.


  • Built Bond With The Family: 

The therapist may build a rapport with the family during the home therapy sessions. It may help the therapist to educate the family members to be involved in activities that can help to improve their communication skills and abilities in the child. 

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