Learning Difficulties in Dubai: An Overview of Learning Disorder

Children, by nature, are curious. They always look for new things that help them learn new aspects of life. On the contrary, children who do not learn and adapt to new things like normal children are considered “Children with Learning Difficulties.

Learning difficulties disorder in Dubai is becoming more common. People and the government both have shown concern about it. They have passed the bill regarding the inclusion and children of determination. On the brighter side, it is bringing positive results. 

We at Small Steps educate people about these issues. In addition, we provide the best Special Need Center in Dubai, providing all the sources and the most dependable medical and health services to help people fight these disorders. 

Children with learning difficulties show different symptoms that parents should be aware of. Let’s dig deep into symptoms, causes, and treatment therapies to fight this problem.

Symptoms and Indications of Learning Difficulties

When we discuss the early warnings and indications that alert parents and teachers, include the problems:

  • Children feel challenged to read and write.
  • They find it challenging to solve easy math problems and calculations.
  • Children feel difficulty remembering things.
  • They can not manage and organize things properly.
  • They can not differentiate between left and right.
  • They do not pay attention while doing things.
  • Directions are hard to follow for them.


Causes of Learning Difficulties 

The learning difficulties make your child less effective in doing ordinary things for children of their age. There are some particular reasons and causes of learning difficulties associated with: 

  • Genetic Impacts

Most of the time, the learning difficulties in doing many things are due to a family history of this problem. In addition, learning issues come because of genetic mutation that develops this disorder.

  • Brain Development

Neurological impacts are critical reasons for this disorder. The unhealthy development of the brain with time causes learning difficulties in children.

  • Environmental Impact

In everyday life, if you do not provide your child proper exposure to the different everyday environments. It’ll turn your child into less capable and less productive. 


Types of Learning Difficulties


This difficulty surrounds the reading and language-related issues and is usually referred to as speech or language-based learning difficulty. 

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD & ADHD)

This learning difficulty makes the person less attentive in doing life activities. The person can not pay attention while doing things and decreases productivity. It brings restlessness to the personality of a person.


This neurologically-based difficulty brings the problems of writing and other adjusting movement skills to write.

Dyspraxia/ Coordination Problem

This disorder makes a person unable to learn things and everyday activities that include hand and eye or body coordination.


This learning difficulty is related to the numbers and maths calculations or problems. It makes the child unable to solve general and easy problems that normal children quickly solve.


Parents Roles and Duties

  • Be focused and know what you are dealing with.
  • Try to listen to them and act accordingly.
  • Be patient and set your goals.
  • Keep things organized and give them exposure.
  • Don’t make them feel that they are different.
  • Get them enrolled in Special Needs Education courses in Dubai


Small Steps: Treating Children with Learning Difficulties

Small Steps provide the best education and learning center. Moreover, we provide the best atmosphere for children with special needs and learning difficulties. We have fully trained staff and follow professional approaches to cope with all the difficulties children face.

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