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Linking Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Autism Treatment

To treat obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) alone can be difficult. And OCD when it is accompanied by other disorders can be even harder to treat. It has been researched that nearly all of OCD patients also go through at least one other disorder. Therapists often describe such disorders as ‘comorbid’. One of the known classifications of disorders alongside OCD is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) is the most common and helpful treatment to treat OCD with autism. It is essential to find out which behaviors occur due to a patient’s OCD and which occur because of ASD for successful OCD and autism treatment.

Behaviors Correlated with OCD

Most issues like anxiety, repetitive behaviors and social problems are representative of not only ASD, but OCD as well. Therefore, the symptoms of ASD and OCD might be indistinguishable on the surface, but what drives such behaviors is absolutely different and demands different types of treatment. It is thus believed to be a considerable challenge, treating an individual with both of these disorders.

Challenges Faced when Curing Patients with OCD  and ASD

For OCD and autism diagnoses and treatment, it is important to identify which behaviors are caused by a patient’s OCD and which are caused by their ASD. For instance, focusing on behavioral methods to treat a patient’s ASD without treating their basic OCD anxieties would not ensure successful treatment. As such, therapy needs to be more related to subsequent control of behaviors. This can be done by sprinkling in various behavioral techniques to accommodate a specific treatment objective, such as anger management, desensitization process and strengthening replacement behaviors with some incentives.

Moreover, strategies to cure OCD patients along with treating their ASD might focus on social impairments the individual may undergo. Social challenges can make it tougher for them to effectively cooperate with a cognitive therapist. Consequently, fundamental social skills training is important for successful cognitive therapy, and OCD and ASD could be treated through it. Starting off with fundamental social skills training, the therapy program will be more successful and will be greatly enhanced.

It has also been observed, during treatment of ASD patients, they mostly appear to be irritatable. Their spontaneous outbursts and their stress to regain calm can make training for OCD patients tough. Training on anger management, social skills and heedfulness followed by cautious introduction of Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) are important to consider for a treatment plan.


Effective Treatment of OCD Alongside ASD

OCD and autism treatment could help encounter prolonged and excessive challenges faced as a result of these conditions. It has been researched that patients having both the disorders are inclined to have development challenges greater than other patients. Focused therapy sessions are arranged by Small Steps Big Dreams in Dubai, UAE to ease the tensions of autistic individuals, relevant to a particular treatment objective. OCD and autism treatment in Dubai can be very effective, and is still being worked on to improve.

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