Managing Autism with Behavioral Therapy in UAE

In behavioral therapy, our therapists work with children with autism spectrum disorders to help them reach positive goals as well as focus on their social relations. Different behavioral therapies have been established that help in reinforcing and improving communication, sensory integration, and communication. After getting to know in detail about these therapies, you can figure out which behavioral therapy techniques work the best for your child. 


The Powerful Approach to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an effective approach to treating a wide range of mental and emotional health issues. This psychological approach works from a behaviorist point of view, which emphasizes that negative behaviors can be unlearnt and new positive behaviors can be adopted. 

Autistic individuals often find themselves stuck in certain thinking patterns and behaviors as they try to filter everything through the “meaning-making system” which is often inaccurate. What CB therapists do in to target these distorted thought patterns about the world and themselves. The individuals are taught how they can change their methods of interpretation and feelings about certain complex situations. This in turn changes the way they respond. 

A distinctive feature of CBT is to focus on the here and now rather than try to explore past events. This provides the therapist with an insight into the current thoughts and belief systems of the patient. Another important aspect is to divide an overwhelming problem into small chunks, providing them with an easy way to look at the bigger picture. After connecting the dots, the patient can explore the impacts of the problem on their emotions, thought patterns, and actions. After the realization of such effects, patients learn to swap these negative thoughts and behaviors with positive ones.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for kids is also essential in handling stressful situations which are a huge challenge for them. The main aim of CBT is to help them recognize various triggers of certain behaviors, which will then help them distinguish the scenarios themselves and reach practical responses. The accompanying anxiety and fear are also managed through this. 


About Sensory Integration Therapy 

Another important behavioral therapy is SIT which focuses on improving a child’s sensitivity to sensory stimuli. These overwhelming sensory inputs can include bright lights, loud noises, and even certain touches. The therapists use various physical activities and exercises to teach the children to interpret various sensory pieces of information more accurately. They learn to use and manage their senses together more efficiently as a result of which the difficulties associated with sensory sensitives can be regulated. 

SIT can be carried out by an occupational therapist. They start by making a detailed assessment of a child’s reaction to various sensory stimuli. After this, different activities are built to stimulate their sensory responses. Definite goals are set by each patient’s triggers, teaching them to cope with such overwhelming information effectively.  

It is important to consult with your child’s healthcare provider at Small Steps about various options of behavioral therapy. Make sure to read various behavioral therapy articles for your own understanding as well.

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