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Clinical observation is necessary to understand the symptoms of ASD. There are many issues with autistic children such as facing the environment and processing this sensory information. In comparison, their motor skills may be impaired. A person experiencing ASD has to go through many situations in life.

Occupational Therapy services in Dubai help children with ASD. Mainly their focus is on social communication, restricted and repetitive behaviors. In addition, they also focus on the areas of Interest of a child. All of these situations are noticed to understand the critics of a child and what occupational therapy plan will go best for them.

Screening of ASD with OT

There are many domains that are clinically inspected to understand a child’s disorder. Mostly ASD shows a deficit in the following fields.

  •         Social

In this social environment, the children mainly show deficits in interacting with others. Furthermore, they have a low Interest in having friendships. They do not have normal behavior, emotions, or desire for personal space. ASD children show less eye contact.

  •         Communication

 Mostly, autistic children have no sense of nonverbal communication and speech. They lack in describing their message or understanding the meaning of others.

  •         Cognitive

 The cognitive processes of an autistic child are relatively slow such as attention span and stamina. They cannot learn things quickly. Occupational therapy for autism tries to focus on the cognitive and many other domains so a child can work adequately in the environment.

  •         Motor

Autistic children show repetitive motor movements. These movements are in hyperactivity. For instance, they keep playing with one object for extended periods.

  •         Sensory

The sensory input and processes of autistic children are slow. They show sensory defensiveness and difficulty in understanding the information.

Occupational Therapy for Autistic Children

Occupational therapy UAE Is one of the most important therapies to treat ASD and many other disorders. Occupational therapy focuses on sensory integration and sensory-based strategies to help autistic children. Furthermore, it emphasizes mental health by implementing emotional development strategies. Children are encouraged to work in peer groups and social participation.

Benefits of Occupational Therapy Services

The occupational strategy is the psychological therapy that is in use by the best occupational therapist in Dubai. Some of the main benefits of getting OT for your autistic child are as follows.

  •         Education

  Therapy focuses on the academic tasks often district child. Such educational techniques are used by which children learn through sensory information and social participation.

  •         Motor skills

 Different tasks are given to the children, such as self-care. A child is made to focus on learning how to do daily activities such as bathing, grooming, and eating food.

  •         Communication

Different social groups are made for autistic children to learn to communicate with one another. Furthermore, they are taught how to maintain and foster relationships. Children are told to work in groups to achieve a common goal.

  •         Playing

Autistic children do not like to play with others and love solidarity. Occupational therapist focuses on developing a child’s relationships with other children by encouraging them to play with others.

  •         Grooming

Autistic children have no sense of self-grooming. Therefore, occupational therapists focus on teaching the children the basics through which they can develop the confidence to live.

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