Occupational Therapy Dubai | Assessing and Helping Children with Mental Difficulties

People must face their social, economic, family and other life functions independently. At the same time, certain people with intellectual and developmental disorders do not benefit in the most terms because they cannot work alone. On the other hand, our team of professionals make such treatment plans with the help of occupational therapy to maximize the skill development and participation of these people in occupational life.

You can trust our most benefited and excellent occupational therapists who use therapy treatment plans for autism and many other disorders. Most importantly, our team is motivated to include daily tasks and routines such as self-care, leisure, work and many other activities in children’s life. In addition, our professionals focus on the children’s social interactions and performances. 

Assessment of Child’s Abilities

Different goals set for children and adults according to their strengths and areas of concern will lead them to a happy environment and culture. Occupational therapy for autism UAE involves teams of specialists and professionals that help you assess your child’s ability.

For instance, if a person cannot perform a desired activity, such as performing at work, social interactions and many others, all of these can be accessed with professional testing. Nevertheless, after the professional assessment of the chronological and mental age, including an individual’s capacity, different goals may be set for the individual with the deficient skill. 

Application of different Interventions and Techniques

Overall, the ultimate goal of occupational therapy for autism in Dubai is to support an individual’s ability to engage in the most meaningful activities and create their roles in the environment. Occupational therapists focus on different interventions and techniques for children and adults.

  •         Infancy and Children

 Dubai can provide occupational therapy for autism at home, enabling a different setting mode for your child. The best intervention for children in infancy with autism is a family-focused intervention. The therapists focus on sensory-motor, cognitive and interaction skills with the ability of a child to engage in everyday work.

Their focus and interventions will include daily activities such as dressing, playing, social communication, interaction, feeding, rest and sleep. Therapists focus on interventions and specific skills so your child can better focus on their life.

  •         School Going Children

Occupational therapy for autistic teenagers is based as they are school-going children. Different interventions for them include several approaches. For instance, this professional helps them participate in skill-based school and educational programs. Furthermore, they focus on many specific skills, such as handwriting reading. Other than that, it includes many playful activities.

  •         Adolescent and Adult Children

Adults working with IDD can be hard to treat. Different interventions for them include rehabilitative centres and learning specific social skills. This will encourage them to enter the workplace even more progressively. Most importantly, these interventions include employment preparation and specific adaptive skills training.

  •         Adulthood

Occupational therapy for autism in Dubai can also include treatment plans and interventions for IDD. This program can have interventions included with certain medicines as well. Many activities are sponsored by them, such as health prop promotion activities, low cardiac fitness, obesity and much more. 

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