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Occupational therapy is a client-centered therapy that is concerned with the health of people. It promotes health and well-being through occupation. The therapists work in different communities with the people to engage in different activities that people want to achieve. Furthermore, they modified the Occupation or the environment to better support occupational engagement. 

Occupational therapists can work with all age groups and in a range of areas. Occupational therapists get a four-year degree in their related fields such as psychology, Health Science, and biology. Afterward, they opt for a master’s degree from an accredited occupational therapy program. Similarly, the occupational therapist assistant also associates his degree from the OTA program and works with the professional occupational therapist. 

Who Needs Occupational Therapy? 

There are many people such as teens, kids, and elders who may need the help of an occupational therapist. Occupational therapy in Dubai is always here to help people who are suffering in their daily lives. The main aim of OT is to help the following people 

  • Occupational therapy is useful to help treat people with autism spectrum disorder. 
  • Birth injuries or birth defects. 
  • Sensory processing disorders 
  • Mental health or behavioral problems. 
  • Post-surgical conditions. 
  • Multiple sclerosis or cerebral palsy. 

Different Settings to Help Children 

Occupational therapist work in many different settings with different people. For instance, this therapy is perfect for children who have autism spectrum disorder. In addition, it can also be helpful for people who have severe pain or different sensory processing disorders. Just like different settings are also useful to apply this therapy. 

Briefly, therapists can work in many different settings such as hospitals, schools, mental health facilities, and private practice. In addition, they can also work in different rehabilitation centers and children’s clinics. This list can also include a whole lot of forms and different organizations that provide help to people. 

What does Occupational Therapy do? 

Occupational therapy Dubai is providing you with the best occupational therapists to provide help. They can work in different settings such as rehabilitation centers, schools former assisted living homes. There are a few techniques and ways through which occupational therapy works. 

  • Assessment 

Occupational therapy is based on initial and repeated assessments. The therapist along with people tries to work and focus on the individual and the environmental abilities. Furthermore, together they understand the problems that are related to the activities in a person’s daily life. 

This assessment will include a standardized procedure, observation, and interviews. 

  • Planning 

Planning is the second step in occupational therapy. Based on the assessment, a plan is carried out in full storm this plan can be short-term or long-term for the treatment and the development of skills. A person is given developmental stages to adapt to different habits, lifestyles, and roles. 

  • Intervention  

Thirdly, the intervention focuses on the programs that a person is oriented towards. These interventions are designed in such a way that a person is facilitated to perform these tasks and easily adapt them. This activity can include a person’s social life, working place, or home. Occupational therapists teach new techniques and provide equipment that will facilitate the learning process.

  • Cooperation 

The occupational therapists recognize the importance of network and working together with a team of professionals, families, and volunteers to help the people in need.

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