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Occupational therapy is a branch of psychology and health care that deals with helping people of all ages. These people may have physical, sensory, cognitive problems or other disorders. Most of the time, occupational therapy treats autism spectrum disorder. We aim to remove all the barriers that affect a person’s emotional, physical and social needs. These people may have difficulties combating social life and experiencing relationships with others.

Occupational Therapy for autism UAE focuses on the child’s physical and mental health. For instance, they try to improve a child’s performance at school and aid them in daily activities. Autistic children may face a deficit in communication and relationship building. Hence occupational therapists try to improve their self-esteem and sense of accomplishment by working in different spheres.

Why Your Child with Autistic Disorder Needs Occupational Therapy?

Autism spectrum disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder that fails the brain to work correctly in different areas of life. Examples include a deficit in communication, behavioural problems, rigid behaviour, repetitive motor movements and various hurdles. The occupational therapy treatment plan for autism aims to help children to work in different areas and to improve their skills.

Furthermore, Occupational therapy allows people to become more independent and develop specific participation with time. This therapy includes many learning skills and strategies to improve the quality of working of different senses of a person. 

Occupational Therapy Treatment Plan

Occupational therapy for autism at home is also available. Your child can be treated at home with different tactics. There is a specific treatment plan for children who have ASD. Some of these tactics include

  • Handling Daily Life Activities

As the first step, the treatment focuses on the daily life activities of a person, such as self-care and improving performance. Occupational therapy for autism in Dubai focuses on activities like lousy things, dressing, grooming, learning and playing with other children.

  • Working on Motor Abilities

This therapy focuses on children to help them in sensory and motor activities. For instance, occupational therapists will try to improve a child’s writing skills or the manipulation of small objects. Furthermore, occupational therapy for autistic teenager is also perfect as they can learn motor skills quickly.

  • Adapting Environment

Sometimes, adults with ASD can have a problem adapting to their environments. Hence, occupational therapy for autism adults provides them with skilful strategies to quickly adapt to the environment. Occupational therapists modify daily life activities to conserve energy and to ease the tasks for adults. Hence, they feel comfortable and quickly adapt to the new environment.

  • Focusing on Role Participation and Community Reintegration

Occupational therapy also focuses on the techniques and strategies for improving community reintegration and the role participation of autistic children and adults. As autistic children show less participation, they are given activities that help them engage with others.

  • Education

The education of autistic children is given utmost care because it helps them transmit many skills. The education can include sensory education. This includes audio, video and learning through motor skills. Occupational therapy autism sensory integration involves sensory activities which help the child appropriately respond to different lights, sounds, touch and other input.

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