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Occupational Therapy in Dubai: Environmental Modification

We at Small Steps Big Dreams in Dubai, UAE, are determined to provide the best services to cater to the needs of the children of determination in Dubai. Autism Spectrum Disorder can prove specifically stressful for those diagnosed with it and their caretakers. That is why we promote scientifically proven treatment techniques known for their maximum effectiveness, such as enouraging occupational therapy in Dubai, which is based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis. We aim to focus on breaking down life skills in ways that can be learned- providing backup plans upon correct responses.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy (OT) is the use of judgment and interference to establish, recover, or just continue the meaningful activities of individuals and/or societies. It is an “allied health profession” executed by Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants (OTA). OTs often work with people with neurological issues, disabilities, injuries or impairments.

An occupational therapist can assess your autistic child in fine- and gross-motor skills, sensory processing, etc.

The OT might also advise on environmental modification to create the optimal learning conditions for the child.

Environmental Modification

Environmental modifications (E-Mods) are physical transformations to the home that can expand or maintain your ability to live at home with self-determination. These improvements will address any safety issues you may have.

Occupational therapists work on environmental modifications with clients to boost the condition of life in one’s home, so that they can continue safely and independently. E-Mods can include modifications that address your sensory deficits, such as Braille and other disabilities like Autism Spectrum Disorder. Identification systems, smoke detectors and alarm devices- alterations based on needs- all are installed to promote a safer space for the residents.

Research to promote occupational therapy in Dubai tells us that assisting children with ASD in adjusting to a given setting helps in the treatment of said condition.  Another factor to keep in mind is the structure of the environment- it should be reconstructed in such a way that it reaches the potential of raising the odds in your child’s favor.

While considerably huge home modifications may not suit everyone’s pocket, there are some simpler suggestions made by various occupational therapists to work around that:

  • Modify the room

Parents can consider creating a “cool-down” room. This can be extremely helpful in the case of a child with autism who may have behavioural issues. This room is like a safe space for your child, where they can go before a situation escalates to the point of aggression – their own space where they can be alone and relax.

Furnish the room minimally, and make sure all objects in the room are soft.

  • Alarm Systems and Safety Locks

Children diagnosed with ASD have the tendency to wander. As such, equipping windows and doors with safety locks may be a positive precautionary method. In addition to this, contemplate on alarm systems that alert you of any trouble, so you can ensure your child’s safety in time.

  • Suitable Workstation

Children with autism will need a space where they can work efficiently and effortlessly, regardless of whether it’s schoolwork or therapy. Equip your child’s bedroom or study area with clear space, far from reach of any material they may hurt themselves in frustration with.

During therapy or other activities on the floor, padding the floor is advised to be conducive for various activities.

  • Paying Attention to Colours

What are the colours your child may notice the most? Take note of these preferences and make abundant use of these desires throughout home, most specifically in your child’s bedroom and other such areas where you know them to have spent much of their time. Studies by occupational therapists on environmental modifications show that colours can play an essential role in mood.

In Conclusion

The occupational therapist is like a detective trying to figure out the various complexities that contribute to the personality of the autistic child. By analysing and assessing an individual’s role, routine and environment, the therapists can identify the challenges in achieving overall health. Even schools can be adorned with specific equipment that can support occupational therapy in Dubai by dealing with the children in a professional environment.

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