Individual Education Plan

What is Individual Education Plan?

Individual Education Plan is one of the most essential services being offered at Small Steps Inclusion Center, Dubai, UAE. After the evaluation has been done, Individual Education Plan is created. It is important to understand what IEP is to get the best support for your child.

IEP outlines the set of instructions for special education of a child. They are designs considering the needs of an individual. IEP’s are revised after a time. As you child makes progress the goals are updates. For an Autistic individual IEP addresses academic, social and communication goals.

The Process

IEP outlines the following

  1. Special Education Plan
  2. Required Services
  3. Evaluation of current progress

To design and IEP the officials from institution, teachers and parents come together to highlight the education related goals. IEP meetings can be held once or twice annually depending on the barriers and improvements. Parents are equally involved throughout the process to put forth any suggestions or opinions. The members of the team who assess the child usually include psychologist, physical therapist, special educator, occupational therapist, speech therapist or other professionals if needed. A comprehensive Evaluation Report (CER) is curated after the findings are made. It can be modified upon requirements.

IEP Meeting- Inclusion

After the initial evaluation has been done, a meeting is scheduled. The meeting helps develop an educational plan for your child. All the areas in which a child needs assistance is discussed in the meeting. As per 2004 Reauthorization of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act, or IDEIA (P.L. 108-446 parents must be included in making decisions for education of a child. An IEP is a requirement by law and helps identify all the areas of an individual’s education. The meeting takes place between parents, teachers, special education teacher/psychologist and the child. If a child is engaged in the meeting, they will be able to learn about themselves and take ownership.


In an IEP meeting, short-term and long-term goals are developed. Parents are the most essential part of this meeting as they will.

Content of IEP

Content of IEP must include the following;

  • Child’s current performance (academics and non-academics)

  • A statement on goals to be accomplished.

  • Evaluation procedures and schedules

  • Special education and related services.

  • Dates and duration of each service.

  • Transitional services if needed.

IEP And Autism

Autism hinders the educational progress of a child. Once an IEP is carefully designed, it helps overcome the barriers and aids learning and development. IEP can prove to be very beneficial in the following areas

  • Academics

  • Social

  • Behavior

  • Motor

These goals are broken down into objectives and are evaluated on regular basis. IEP helps create a positive learning environment for the children. The objectives in IEP underline;

1. Service to be provided

2. Professional who will provide the services

3. The setting in which service will be provided

4. How often the service will be provided

5. Duration of the service

At Small Steps, our teachers are trained and the Inclusion Center is equipped to educate children with Autism by providing specialized assistance to Autistic children.