Speech Delay | Find the Best Therapists To Support Speech and Language Development

In Dubai, our therapists are professionally trained to help children with speech development. A child may have a delay in the development of speech and language; therefore, they may need speech therapy. The therapists, in small steps, help your child to learn and pronounce new words and sounds.  

Furthermore, we aim to strengthen their facial and mouth muscles so they can pronounce the words proficiently. Our professional therapists help your child with speech delay. For instance, we talk to them throughout the day so that they may develop the habit of proper pronunciation, speech, listening, and developing skills for speaking. 

What causes Speech Delay in Kids? 

 There are many reasons which can cause a speech delay in a child. The parents must keep a keen interest in how many words a child speaks a day because this will help them, the therapist, to know what causes speech delay. Some of the reasons your child may not be able to communicate with you are as follows. 

  •  The first reason for speech delay is that a child may go through a neurodevelopmental disorder or any pre-birth disorder that causes them to delay speech. 
  • Hearing loss can also be a vital cause of late language and speech development. 
  • Sometimes, there can be a maturation delay in many children, which causes speech delay. Hence, proper speech therapy can help your child to learn new words. 
  • One of the most common reasons for language delay is bilingualism, which causes language chaos for a child. 
  • Other reasons include autism spectrum disorder, psychosocial deprivation, elective mutism, and receptive aphasia. In addition, this situation can also include cerebral palsy. 

Get Speech Therapy 

 The best way to get your child treatment is through proper speech therapy. Once you let the top ten know that your child has some speech and language delay, they will start their testing session. Before getting the speech therapy, our therapists will give a proper hearing test and another diagnosis to see if a child has a speech delay.  

Furthermore, we also refer to different speech-language pathologists, and all speech therapists, for the formal sessions of the children. We work with children to help them pronounce different words and sounds. In addition, we also focus on the different muscles of the tongue, face, and mouth to strengthen them. 

Medical Assistance 

Furthermore, reading ability, different treatments, and talking to them throughout the day also help them toward the process. Different medications and other possible implementations are also provided for the children to help them develop different skills and to strengthen their facial muscles. 

Occupational Therapy Treatment 

 Play therapy and occupational therapy are also quite helpful in treating children with speech delays. Any kind of speech therapy may be helpful, but by choosing different occupational therapy and its tactics, we can help solve different problematic behaviors in children. 

Due to speech delay, many children face irritation, anger, mood swings, and lack of attention. Therefore, with a proper occupational therapy treatment plan, the children are taught words with playful activities. 

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