Speech Delay in Dubai: Delayed Speech Development in Children

Children’s voices and words soothe the parents and bring a positive feel and vibe to the family. But there are some cases in which children do not get to the everyday speech development. Speech Delay refers to the slow speech development in the child than other children of its age. There are different platforms under the Dubai Speech Delay community, and Small steps provide the best help and support to the children with these issues.

Knowing the Speech Development of Child

Doctor of Speech Delay define speech development and a child’s speech growth into four stages: 

  • Pre-lingual period 

  • Early lingual period (1 to 2.5 years)

  • Differentiation period ( below five years)

  • Maturity period (5 years and above)


As we know, different children develop at different speeds, and their activities span changes with age. The children’s speech has different levels too. Some become attentive listening to different voices before a year. And their pre-verbal simply connected to babbling etc., sort of words. 

But after that, they should move to a proper indication of words with signs and imitation of the sounds by the kids in early lingual time. 

Further narrowing down the conditions in Speech delay therapy in Dubai is with the differentiation period. They start speaking most of the words that generally people speak with clear-cut differentiation of the things with proper identification.

The next period affirms the mature period of speech, and children understand entirely and speak without any fumbles.

Symptoms of Speech Delay

When your child has a speech delay in Dubai, they can not perform well in everyday life events. To keep track of your child’s speech analysis, you can check whether your child has difficulties speaking.

While one child can have difficulties:

  • Not babbling or jabbing at early stages
  • Do not follow the sentence structure 
  • It becomes challenging to omit words that are simple for other children.
  • Difficult articulation 
  • No gestures and providing the proper directions when asked.

Causes and Reasons of Speech Delay

Small steps provide the best possible knowledge to the people in Dubai to fight speech delay in Dubai. There are many causes and reasons of speech delay; some of them are:

  • Intellectual Disability: any type of mental health issues 
  • Dyslexia & Autism 
  • Hearing Problems: Most of the time, auditory problems bring speech delay.
  • Bilingualism: the child is not able to get to the correct language to learn and adapt.
  • Problem Run in the family
  • Receptive-expressive language disorder
  • Mutism: the child does not want to speak by itself. 
  • Cerebral Palsy: cause the children to have speech delay.

Risks Connected with Speech Delay

Speech delay can be the symptoms and indications of Physical and Mental Disorders, hearing loss, and autism. Along with these are chances of cerebral palsy and other problems

Treating Speech Delay

Small steps provide different speech therapists and Best Speech Therapy Dubai to provide better care to your child. We provide the proper care and therapies to make your child survive in everyday life.

We provide the audiologist to determine the problem, a speech-language pathologist for providing the treatment, and an occupational therapist for helping your child cope with the regular life issues. Furthermore, parents and our doctors work together for better output.

What should Parents do?

  • They should keep talking to the children from the start till they speak.
  • Keep them connected and keep speaking around them.
  • Make them feel listened to and try to answer your child’s questions.
  • Make exercises that help them speak.


Looking for Speech Therapy?

If you want your child to be treated by professional and well-equipped experts, you are at the right place. We at Small Steps provide the best speech therapy to help your children get better.

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