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ABA Therapy | Uncovering the Benefits and Techniques

Applied behavior analysis, ABA therapy is a widely used treatment for children with autism. It focusing on reinforcing positive behaviors and reducing challenging behaviors. While ABA therapy is an effective treatment for children with autism, it is not without its challenges. In this article, we will explore the benefits and techniques of ABA therapy for […]

How Does ABA Therapy Work – Steps and Effectiveness

ABA stands for Applied Behavior Analysis. As it is behavioral therapy, the approach is based on the science of behavior and learning. ABA therapy has been proven to be an effective and gold-standard treatment for autistic children. Additionally, the treatment is also used in case of the following conditions: Cognitive Impairment Anxiety-related problems like OCD, […]

ABA Therapy | Best Therapy for Supporting and Building Principles

ABA Therapy in Dubai aims to increase the specific positive behaviours in the child. At the same time, we also establish social and learning skills in the early intensive ABA therapies. Our aim is simple: to help support children with autistic disabilities. Whereas this therapy also evaluates to help parents and support them.  ABA Therapy […]

Key Takeaways about ABA Therapy | ABA Therapist in Dubai

Applied Behavior Therapy is a treatment that focuses on the improvement of behaviors, and social and learning skills. ABA utilizes behavioral principles to set certain goals, reinforce positive behaviors, and measure the outcomes after every session. The approach has reached the level of “goal standard” in the treatment of autism. ABA works with certain goals, […]

Helpful Therapies | Treatment of Autism in Dubai

Early intervention is necessary to improve the effectiveness of autism therapies. It is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to start researching autism therapies as soon as you find early symptoms of autism in your child. You do not need to wait for a formal diagnosis. The most common and helpful therapies for […]

ABA Therapy | Things you Need to Know about ABA Sessions

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder face a lot of difficulties in daily life activities and being their parent, you are always trying to make things easier for them and understand them better. For these very reasons, therapists design the sessions of Applied Behavioral Analysis. You might be familiar with the term but there are other […]

Choosing ABA Treatment | ABA Therapist in Dubai

As we know that “ABA” stands for Applied Behavioral Analysis, the approach works toward achieving the desired behavior among children with autism. To program these desired behaviors and put them into social practice, ABA uses operant conditioning and positive reinforcement. The treatment goals and well-targeted behaviors are selected after considering and analyzing each individual’s needs […]