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Autism Treatments in UAE | Different Types of Autism

There are various autism centers that provide Autism Treatments in UAE. Autism, also known as “Autism Spectrum Condition,” is a central nervous system disorder that appears in the early years of development. It is linked to problems with the development of sensory and linguistic perception.  As a result, it interferes with the affected person’s social […]

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Autism Therapy In Dubai | How Can They Help

Autism is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder affecting individuals’ communication, interaction, and learning. Children with autism often require specialized support to reach their full potential and thrive. Autism therapy Dubai provides various options that are available to help children overcome challenges and improve their skills and abilities.   Types of Therapy for Autism Some of the […]

Autism Therapy Dubai – Effective Autism Treatment Options

Every child has different strengths and capabilities; an autistic child is no other in this regard. And today, several therapies are designed to help children with autism improve their lifestyle and help them excel in life. According to a recommendation from the American Academy of Pediatrics, it’s best to research different types of therapies as […]

Effective Autism Therapies | Autism Therapy Dubai

We know that ASD affects each person differently. So most individuals with ASD have unique strengths and challenges. As a result of which, their treatment needs are different too. The therapies work towards the behavioral, developmental, social, and educational improvements among autistic people, including Applied and Cognitive Behavioral Analysis, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. These […]

The Autistic Child and the Predictive Coding Theory on ASD

Have you ever considered how our brain automatically picks what is worthy of our attention and what to ignore? Small Steps Big Dreams in Dubai, UAE understands that, for children of determination, this can be quite a challenge because predicting is a voluntary act for an autistic child. How does the brain distinguish between the […]