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Tips to Help Out Your Autistic Child Through Haircutting

Every haircut and every child is distinct. Haircuts could be considered as a chance to learn what an autistic child is sensitive to. Setting up time is the most important. Examine what time of the day your child tends to be least overwhelmed. It is a great idea to try haircutting numerous times to help you decide which time is the easiest. Try to avoid giving your child a haircut right after school, or after any kind of activities, or when your child is tired.

How to prepare your child for a haircut?

Haircuts can be disturbing for some kids, so it is better to mark your calendar for when to perform haircuts. It is essential that your child acknowledges what this haircut is all about before it starts. An attempt at acting out the storyline with a doll or a stuffed toy, beginning with sitting on a chair and wearing a barber cape can be very helpful. Make use of toy clippers to exhibit the next steps while performing a haircut, and motivate them to take part and see if they desire to choose their own hairstyle. It is always good to start with this preparation earlier, so that your child is aware of it when the time comes. Haircutting a child with an autism diagnosis can prove to be a very important aspect by way of autism support in Dubai.

How to start a haircut?

Sometimes the child feels disturbed, so it is immensely important to keep things under control. Here is a plan for beginners on how to cut hair:

  • Begin with a shorter comb and crop the back. Use speed cuts in order to blend hair.
  • Trim the sides.
  • Connect a longer comb and trim the top.

Use safety scissors while cutting hair near sensitive areas, like the ears and neck. The “counting 10 method” can be very helpful to divert the attention of kids while cutting near these areas. Applauding your child with comments – like “good job for keeping your head down”, “thank you” and “almost there” – can help your child follow directions easily. You should make sure to take notes on the particular things your child does and doesn’t like.

Keep away from stimuli

Now that the haircut has begun smoothly, you should acquaint yourself with some tips on how to divert the attention of children from this haircutting process:

  • Providing your child with gadgets, like phones or tablets
  • Singing a rhyme or song for them
  • Putting on a favorite movie, album or video game on TV
  •  Using earplugs

Try to communicate with your child what is being used to remove stray hairs from their neck. It could be a fan, brush, towel or even your hands.

Concluding tips

We at Small Steps Big Dreams in Dubai, UAE aim to ensure the betterment of autistic individuals. That is why we find it important to ensure a complete awareness thereof. Award your autistic child with something they would like to have, as a mode of positive reinforcement. And when you are done, click a photo and try to capture a smile if you can.

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